Smoking Hot Cigar Chick Presents The Smoking Hot Ash Can!

The "new" Portable Ash Tray Can just got smoking hot...or hotter!  Our good friends and partners, Teresa, Smoking Hot Cigar Chick and Tim Black, posted an awesome review of the ash can on their blog.  Teresa, great suggestions about the portability, ease of use and retailer tie-in!

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Rudy Giuliani Visits XIKAR... Highlight of Trip

We had a surprise visitor at XIKAR today.  Former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani stopped by XIKAR corporate headquarters for a short tour, quick smoke and some lunch with Kurt, Tim and the XIKAR staff! 

We all got motivated and enjoyed the mayor's visit. 

Friends For Life!

Kurt Shows off new cutter to Former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani

May 2011 Newsletter

XIKAR: The Best Thing to Happen to Cigars Since Fire
XIKAR News - May  2011

Kurt's Cornerkurtscorner


Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   

 XIKAR President: Kurt Van Keppel 

Early in my career, the dot-com phenomena was beginning to take shape.  No MBA courses on this!  In fact, no one (but the smart, lucky few) could imagine the enormity of impact this would have on global communications, socialization and commerce.  Some 20 years later, I can video-conference a supplier in Germany, tweet my friend in Texas, download a QR Code application, and watch a movie or listen to 100 of my favorite tunes... on a single iPhone - AMAZING!   


Following the tidal wave of social media usage, XIKAR established our social media presence through FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and our own blog.  We are ecstatic with the results!  Today XIKAR has a constant presence in the social media hyperspace.  Our vision is to utilize the social media platforms to connect, educate, entertain and even reward our consumers.  For example, in mid-April, we officially launched the XIKAR YouTube channel.  Check out the playlist of educational videos.  We encourage our friends to subscribe, and upload a favorite cigar moment of their own!


The cigar business and social media make a perfect marriage, because this business IS a camaraderie business.  My partner,  Scott Almsberger, our EVP Sales, Jerry Dear,  and I recently spent the ultimate camraderie week in Cabo, Mexico with retailers at the annual TAA Convention.  While Cabo is gorgeous place to stay, The real "take-home value" was the new relationships we developed, and friendships we rekindled in Cabo.  Later in this newsletter, check out the photos of Scott Almsberger, Ken Neumann and Keith Rumbo posing outside a shop in Cabo - perhaps a little too much camraderie there! 

XIKAR HC Series Event at Neumann's Cigars & More, Illinois

XIKAR HC Series Cigar Event with Neumann's Cigars & More staff and XIKAR's Alan Gold.

10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational - VIP Bag Includes XIKAR Cutter

SOURCE ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter

XIKAR Nation - Hall of Fame Inductee, Carolee Martin, Border Management Task Force, Afghanistan

XIKAR’s Hall of Fame Nominee:  Carolee Martin XIKAR: Hall of Fame Inductee Carolee Martin

XIKAR, Kurt Van Keppel - President & Founder, Scott Almsberger, VP, Jerry Dear, EVP and Bob Moreno, Director of Marketing, are very proud to announce our first XIKAR Nation "Hall of Fame Inductee" Ms. Carolee Martin.  Carolee is in Afghanistan, as part of the Border Management Task Force. Carolee has been very instrumental in coordinating XIKAR products to camps and troops in remote areas of Afghanistan.  Her goodwill and support build the spirit of our troops. Read below and learn more about our Hall of Fame inductee.  Congratulations to Carolee Martin and its our honor... and she loves cigars!

HC Series Cigars with Robbie Morton - Cordova Cigars, Pensacola

XIKAR's David Spirt and Robbie Morton of Cordova Cigars, Pensacola discuss HC Series Cigars

March 2011 Newsletter

XIKAR News - March  2011

Kurt's Cornerkurtscorner


Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   

 XIKAR President: Kurt Van Keppel

I have grown to appreciate that our industry continues to thrive despite the obstacles of fickle taxation, smoking bans, economic pressures, rising costs and even February's inclement weather!  To my delight, retailers and consumers survive inclement political, economic and weather conditions -- and rebound with pride and love of the leaf.  This illustrates how much strength we have as a brotherhood, and how passionately consumers and retailers embrace their passion for cigars, not to mention fight for their rights!  It's never too cold politically or otherwise to smoke a great (HC Series) robusto! 


Last month, I briefly mentioned ProCigar Festival, but I must elaborate on the gracious hospitality and venue the Dominican cigar makers provided in Santiago, DR.  Scott and I had the pleasure of entertaining Brian & Ann Kellogg, who were the lucky grand prize winners of XIKAR's Mayan Sweepstakes.  ProCigar organized an awe-inspiring agenda of fantastic cigar tours, leisure activities, and amazing night life.  We can't wait for next year!


  Kurt, Scott & Ann Kellogg at ProCigar      Ann Kellogg & her new friends  


XIKAR Portable Ash Can Reviewed by Cigar Catadore

Have you ever seen a new product and thought not only can I use that but I should have invented that? It has happened to me. I do not smoke in my house or the family vehicle but I do enjoy a cigar in my vehicle that I use solely for work. My vehicle does not have an ash tray so I have found myself using cups and even the drink holder for my cigar ashes...

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Press Release: XIKAR Announces New Prices on HC Series Cigars

XIKAR Announces New Prices on HC Series Cigars


8 March 2011                                                                                        For Immediate Release


XIKAR Becomes First Major Brand to Reduce Cigar Prices in 2011

US Retailers Embrace XIKAR's Dramatic Price Reduction


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