HC Series Limited Edition Salomon and Cigar Lighting

XIKAR VP, Scott Almsberger introduces the Limited Edition HC Series, Habano Colorado Salomon and describes the process of lighting cigars with a torch lighter.

How to Use and Replace Flint on Scribe Lighter

Scott Almsberger, Vice President of XIKAR, Inc. explains how to use the pen-shaped, Scribe flint lighter as well as flint replacement.

XIKAR Premium Butane and Proper Way to Bleed/ Fill Lighters

XIKAR VP, Scott Almsberger shares knowledge about premium butane and correct method of filling and bleeding torch lighters.

History of XIKAR with Kurt Van Keppel

XIKAR's Kurt Van Keppel talks about the history of the company with Walt of Stogie Review during Cigar Expo 2011 (Cigarnival).

HC Series Salomon Limitado Review by The Smoking Stogie

It’s hard to not love the look of a Salomon and this one is no different, it has a really nice Colorado Shade wrapper with a perfect red/brown tint, minimal veins and a seamless wrap. The cigar is firm but has a little bit of give, a uniform feel with no soft spots and a nice slow taper.

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August 2011 Newsletter

XIKAR News - August  2011

Kurt's Cornerkurtscorner


Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   


Innovation Inspires Demand 

XIKAR President: Kurt Van Keppel

Our approach to new product development aligns with our long-standing product philosophy of top-function, beautiful form, ergonomic feel and a fair price.  In today's economy, a development plan is not enough - it must also translate viable products into positive business results through consumer demand. Innovation at XIKAR must have central features of attractiveness, ease of use, a good value and immediate desirability to the marketplace.  Last year, XIKAR R&D and Marketing teams joined to map out a "product strategy plan" well ahead of the production planning cycle.  The output of this initiative enabled XIKAR to launch new and targeted high-demand products into distribution at the 79th annual IPCPR (retail tobacco show).  We had our best show ever, in the history of the company!  "What's new?" is a key question in every tobacco shop, and XIKAR's innovation answers that question with category and industry-leading products!  For more detail and product descriptions, please visit www.xikar.com.    

ipcpr 1 short ipcpripcpr 2

Smoking Hot Cigar Chick - A Moment With Kurt Van Keppel IPCPR 2011

XIKAR President Kurt Van Keppel gives the Smoking Hot Cigar Chick a sneak preview of new cutters at this years IPCPR Tradeshow.

How to Fill and Bleed Your Butane Lighter

XIKAR's Kurt Van Keppel guides you through the process of filling a jet flame lighter with butane. He then explains the importance of bleeding your lighter once a month to extract propellant that has gone in with the fuel.

High Altitude Cigar Lighters Featured at 2011 IPCPR

At the recent IPCPR in 2011 in Las Vegas, there were several companies boasting about their cigar lightersXIKAR Booth at 2011 IPCPR ( International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers) that work at ‘high altitudes’.  Those words are ambiguous – high altitude.  What is the exact altitude that you want?  5000 feet above sea level? 7000 feet?  10,000 feet or higher perhaps?  If you live in Denver, Albuquerque or Flafstaff, then something that works between 5K and 7K would be enough.  What about the days that you want to go hiking up in the mountains, or take a drive up the back of a peak, or that chair lift or gondola to the ski areas?  Suddenly your lighter just stops working.  Well, some of the manufacturers are making it easy for us to decide on a high altitude lighter, some you have to make an inquiry and others are just being mysterious.

July 2011 Newsletter

XIKAR News - July  2011

Kurt's Cornerkurtscorner


Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   


New Catalog / QR Codes

XIKAR President: Kurt Van Keppel

In the May newsletter, I mentioned the dot-com phenomena and the profound advancements of the Internet super-highway.  These advancements are very apparent and noticeable in our new 2011 XIKAR Product Catalog.  Our eCatalog will be available online again this year, and the inclusion of QR Codes (quick response codes - links to video) allows XIKAR customers and consumers to have instant access to video content plus instruction about cigars.  Most smartphones can access free QR Code applications which allows instant upload of video content.   If you are not familiar with QR Codes, they are simply a quick and efficient 'tell me more' mechanism.  Scan away in the new catalog and learn how to properly cut, light, store and humidify your favorite HC Series cigars.  Click the images below to view the new catalog online.  

     2011 XIKAR catalog  Xi 2011 Catalog lighter page    Xi 2011 Humidification page

Fall Catalog        QR Code "How To Light"    QR Code " How to Humidify"


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