XIKAR Ashtray Can Featured On Cigar Aficionado Homepage

Screen shot of Cigar Aficionado.com Ashtray can featureTrying to keep your cigar burning evenly while rolling down the highway is not easy. Holding it out the window has a horrible effect on the burn, and everyone knows that the second you bring it inside the cabin, that’s when the ash is going to fall, right in your lap. But Xikar has come up with a quick fix for your automotive smoking needs with a cupholder-sized mini ashtray.

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HC Series Salomon Limitado Reviewed by Seth's Humidor

I am going to skip formal introductions with this cigar and get right to it. For the past couple months I have been smoking my way through the XIKAR HC Series Salomon Limitado cigars that I have, and I have been finding that I am enjoying the cigar more and more. Does this have to with how I have stored these cigars? Maybe, maybe not, but I will say that they have been getting better and better.
HC Series Salomon Limitado
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February 2012 Newsletter

XIKAR February 2012
Kurt's CornerKurtsCorner

Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:

      We are thrilled for 2012 to be a celebration of XIKAR Nation! Events, contests and awards will highlight our community of enthusiasts

 throughout the year and in this month's newsletter, you can learn about becoming a part of it.


      XIKAR Nation is more than just a group of our consumers. This is a group of aficionados dedicated to a lifestyle with extraordinary experience in every smoke. XIKAR Nation has become an elite assembly of cigar enthusiasts that we are extremely proud to have represent our company all around the world.

XIKAR Interview by Cigar Press Magazine

XIKAR President Kurt Van Keppel and Vice President Scott AlmsbergerThor Nielsen of Cigar Press Magazine interviews XIKAR's founding partners Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger for the 2011 Vol V Issue I Edition.

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Ashtray Can Featured in Cigar Detroit

XIKAR Ashtray Can

We just picked up the Xikar Ashtray Can.  This item was introduced in 2011 and as we are in the midst of our second winter since the smoking ban, we felt it was time to have a proper ash solution when smoking in the car.  It fits stably in your car’s cup holder allowing you to smoke in your car and more efficiently store your ashes vs. trying to flick them out the window at 70 mph. Read full review

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Stratosphere Lighter Reviewed by Truly GC

holding blue Stratosphere lighterThe Stratosphere lighter from Xikar takes quality lighters to a new level, that level being a great lighter for anyone who loves the outdoors but does not want to take an elegant lighter to the woods. The Stratosphere has a protective rubber body that stands up to those hunting trips, hiking trails, or if you work in construction, it can take the hard work you go through each day.

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Habano Colorado Grande Review by Seth's Humidor

... for this review I went with the Habano Colorado version, and what a great version it is. The wrapper is Colorado in coloring, and is grown in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. Underneath that is a Nicaraguan binder from Esteli, and then the filler is composed of tobacco from Costa Rica, Honduras, and the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. Jesus Fuego is one of those manufacturers who gets creative with his use of tobacco, and this cigar definitely shows that with Costa Rican fillers.
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XIKAR VX Cutter Reviewed by Stogie Guys

I have been a fan of V-cutters and punches since I started smoking cigars. All that talk about making sure your guillotine didn’t slice off too much of the cap and cause the wrapper to unravel made me nervous. At least that was one worry I could eliminate.

Even now that I think I have enough skill to clip the head without inflicting undue damage, I still like the V-cut. It opens up the cigar but maintains its integrity and shape. But I’d never had a good V-cutter. Until recently...

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XIKAR HC Series Criollo Grande Review

This 6×6 stick offers a medium brown wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a firm even construction, double cap and a texture of fine sand paper with a very small tooth, with a rich smooth tobacco aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw, plenty of thick rich smoke and flavors of earth, rich tobacco with a pepper and spice finish that builds over time.

October 2011 Newsletter

XIKAR News - October 2011

Kurt's Cornerkurtscorner


Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   


New Product Review 

XIKAR President: Kurt Van KeppelFrom Texas to South Dakota, Washington to New Hampshire, last month's events had no boundaries. Across the country, we are spreading the success of XIKAR For Life and sharing our love of the leaf. I hear that our innovation and quality continues to bolster the promise of our Lifetime Warranty. New product innovation is a key focus for us and we strive to provide the same benefits we look for when making our own personal purchases. We know from experience and customer surveys that you expect reliable product performance, fair price, and dependability. 

tech 2 All three of these characteristics encompass our new Tech Lighter that arrived in July 2011. This single jet flame lighter has a durable body style that achieves our commitment to form, feel and function. The Tech's sleek, transparent body fits in your hand and is guaranteed to improve your smoking experience with capacity and reliability.  

tech 4 

An Eventful Purpose

Cigar smoking is like any other crazed passion, you are always surrounded with people from all walks of life sharing one common interest. Regardless of what XIKAR cutter or lighter you are using to light up that Grande or Robusto, camaraderie is ever-present among cigar enthusiasts. At XIKAR, we are not just in the cigar and accessory business, we are in the camaraderie business. Employing camaraderie has a unique connection to our charity efforts, which has helped us support some meaningful causes. Our most recent charity effort  is raising money for autism, a cause that is close to many of us at XIKAR. My good friends at En Fuego,( Rockwall, TX) were looking for a partner for their 4th Annual Golf Classic, on October 28, 2011.  It didn't take long to gain my support. I knew raising money for autism was the right decision and the right cause.  My passion and commitment for finding medical cures and training for autism is for life.   

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