February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016
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Kurt's Corner

Winds (of change) are blowing! 

   I see lots of air moving around us these days!  Here in Kansas City, we’ve had incredibly unseasonal weather - in the 70 degree range.  These temperature swings arrive on strong warm winds from the southwest, usually in a matter of hours. Here we say, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a day!”
   Speaking of warm winds, we get to witness a lot of hot air of another kind, on the political front this year.  Has another political race ever been this raucous and entertaining?  (Apparently so – even the founding fathers were well-known scrappers)  Either way, I predict that if you don’t like the current political weather, just wait a day, or a few minutes, and you’ll continue to see change.
   Wind also changes the environment of your humidor.  XIKAR is proud to announce our newest innovation: a humidor fan which automatically circulates the air in your humidor (for 15 seconds every 15 minutes).  This helps the overall ambience by overcoming gravity: humid air is heavier than dry, and tends to sit at the bottom of your humidor. It needs circulation which the HumiFan provides.  Here’s an additional tip: if you have a shelf / tray in your humidor, keep the cigars away from the sides – this will assist in the air rotation.

Happy smoking!  

Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR Inc.

December 2015 Newsletter

December 2015
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Kurt's Corner
Happy New Year!

   Happy New Year! We all say that as a matter of course to celebrate the passing of the old into the new. What does that mean?  In my case, I take a moment of gratitude for the good things of 2015 (your support for example), and hope to find, create and enjoy even more blessings in the coming year.
   I’ve also noticed that my festive greetings have changed over time. Certainly into my mid-twenties, happiness (and a good party) were my primary motivations. Between 25 and 45, I usually also wished people a prosperous new year, hoping for the same myself, I’m sure.  More recently I have offered greetings of a joyful new year, as “joy in the journey” has risen in value now that I’m in the third phase of my career (I’m in my mid 50’s).  I anticipate wishing people a peaceful (and healthy) new year in the not too distant future.
   I think “Happy New Year” means all the above, depending on where we each find ourselves in life’s journey.  I wish, for 2016, that your own needs and dreams are fulfilled, so I wish you a Happy New Year!
Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR Inc.

September 2015 Newsletter

September 2015
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Kurt's Corner

   All of us at XIKAR are sad to see summer go, but are thrilled that the fall season is upon us! Autumn surrounds us with cool and crisp weather (perfect for smoking!), bright and festive colors and one of America’s favorite past times: football. These elements helped to inspire the new 12th Man collection of cutters. These 2-tone Xi1’s are the perfect accessory to show your team spirit and enjoy the fall smoking season in fanatic style. And just like your undying passion for your favorite team, the 12th Man cutters are guaranteed for life!
   Wishing you a joyful and refreshing fall season. Happy Smoking, XIKAR Nation!

September 2012 Newsletter


September 2012
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Kurt's Corner
Lifetime Warranty

     Recently I have been asked some about the meaning behind our lifetime guarantee. We sum it here by saying, "XIKAR For Life" (#X4L for you hashtag junkies). In fact, our mission statement, which I wrote in 1999, states:

As The Best Thing to Happen to Cigars Since Fire™, XIKAR, Inc. is dedicated to providing value to cigar consumers through unique, artful and functional cigar tools sold at a fair price. XIKAR will provide these products through honest and ergonomic design to achieve superior form, feel and function. XIKAR stands behind its products through a lifetime total satisfaction warranty. 

As our business grew, many asked me to further define "Lifetime Guarantee":
"Does it mean we can exchange over the counter?" "Yes."
"Does it mean we can return hassle-free?" "Yes."
"At no cost?" "Yes!"

     In fact, it means what it has always meant, that at XIKAR we guarantee everything we say, sell and do, unconditionally, for life. Anything less is not a lifetime guarantee. Anything less would not be "Lifetime" nor be a "Guarantee". Anything less would be a sales pitch!
     Why do we do this? We do this because we are concerned about our customers and consumers. We do this because we care about your experience with our products and our company. We do this because we want a lifetime relationship with you, and we believe that, like a marriage, it takes a commitment with a lot of work behind it. Ultimately, we do this because it's just who we are.
     I can't change who I am any more than I can change my height! And since Lifetime Guarantee is who I am, it is also who XIKAR is. I can't change it, I won't change it.
      This month we continue to show our new introductions from the August trade show. Enjoy them with full faith in their quality, and function, backed by a lifetime warranty!

Kurt Van Keppel
President & Founder
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