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October 2015 Newsletter

October 2015
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Kurt's Corner

A Cigar Lifestyle

   I love to travel.  Hunting and fishing trips, cigar events, vacations, in a variety of combinations fill my calendar each month. And I fill my bags with cigars for each, to smoke at the end of the day, or on the trail, in the boat... throughout the journey.
   Even when I am not on the road, I celebrate leisure time with a cigar, whether at golf (the cigar is definitely the most successful part of that outing!), in the garden, or around the fire pit. Actually, I’ll smoke a cigar with friends and associates any time we have a restful moment of camaraderie.
   Very clearly I have made a cigar central to leisure and camaraderie. In fact, I believe “a cigar is an hour-long vacation”, a source of happiness and pleasure.  The cigar creates the opportunity to celebrate with friends, whenever and wherever I can. I have a cigar lifestyle!
   I bet you do too!  In the coming months, I’ll share some of my recent celebrations with you.  And, I’ll invite you to share yours with me. 

Happy smoking!

Kurt Van Keppel

President, XIKAR, Inc.

October 2013 Newsletter


October 2013

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Kurt's Corner

     We were once a nation of porches, decks and patios. Spring called us outside to breathe the air of hope and opportunity born in the season's new growth.
     Summer insisted further, to enjoy backyard sports and barbecues, neighbors and friends. I'm old enough to remember a house without air conditioning, playing with friends until supper and then again until dark.
     And Fall, my favorite. Autumn colors warmed crisp cool nights. Weekends spent watching football and raking leaves, the sun kindly setting early, to reward us for a job well done. Screened in porches are largely gone from new homes, and decks and patios remain mostly vacant, victims of air conditioning and electronic entertainment.  But not for us!
     We cigar smokers still know the joys of the outdoors. We have taken back the patios and porches, reached out to friends and neighbors. It's our favorite place to enjoy ourselves and our cigars - together.* We are remaking a nation of porches, decks and patios, of camaraderie, conversation and friendship.
     I recently replaced a deck with a screened in porch, adding a fireplace. I hope to make Winter one of my outdoor seasons. I hope you enjoy yours!

Kurt Van Keppel

* (Our recent Facebook survey confirmed this.)

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