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December 2015
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Kurt's Corner
Happy New Year!

   Happy New Year! We all say that as a matter of course to celebrate the passing of the old into the new. What does that mean?  In my case, I take a moment of gratitude for the good things of 2015 (your support for example), and hope to find, create and enjoy even more blessings in the coming year.
   I’ve also noticed that my festive greetings have changed over time. Certainly into my mid-twenties, happiness (and a good party) were my primary motivations. Between 25 and 45, I usually also wished people a prosperous new year, hoping for the same myself, I’m sure.  More recently I have offered greetings of a joyful new year, as “joy in the journey” has risen in value now that I’m in the third phase of my career (I’m in my mid 50’s).  I anticipate wishing people a peaceful (and healthy) new year in the not too distant future.
   I think “Happy New Year” means all the above, depending on where we each find ourselves in life’s journey.  I wish, for 2016, that your own needs and dreams are fulfilled, so I wish you a Happy New Year!
Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR Inc.


   The Volta bundles XIKAR's patented technologies to deliver a high performance quad flame tabletop lighter. The oversized push button ignition fits flush against the cylindrical metal body, creating a powerful appearance. The high tech camera-aperture inspired lid protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a quick twist of the lid top.
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Ultra Mag Combo

   The new Ultra Mag lighter is dressed in an external redesign with performance in mind, bringing clean and elegant lines to the metal body. This single flame lighter features an enhanced magnetic attachment system, providing a seamless magnetic connection to its space saving counterpart, the Ultra Slim cutter. The re-designed Ultra Mag provides the perfect match of engineering and performance.
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M8 Cutter

   XIKAR's classic double guillotine cutter now has a more refined look and feel. The M8 maintains the same size, quality and performance that cigar smokers expect from XIKAR, but delivers it in a  new metal body. The M8 features stainless steel blades for a smooth and clean cut every time. 
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#XIKARNation Contests & Giveaways 2015

   2015 brought 12 major contests and giveaways, with over 150 members of XIKAR Nation to winning awesome prizes and limited edition products!
   Our team is hard at work to bring you even more action in 2016! Be sure that you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your chance to enter and win! 




   The versatile Forte from XIKAR is the newest single jet flame lighter designed with the new Direct Inject Flame Technology. This high performance inspired all metal body features a built-in 7mm cigar punch, so you can always be prepared when the moment calls for a cigar.
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5x64 Turrim Lighter

   The all new 5x64 Turrim is a tall, robust and unique double jet flame lighter. Its versatile cylindrical shape allows for easy portability in a cigar slot inside your travel case or as a durable table top lighter. Its massive fuel tank and over-sized patented fuel adjustment wheel are revolutionary to the cigar industry.
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Stratosphere II

   The next generations of the Stratosphere has arrived. This high altitude and water resistant lighter is extremely durable and dependable. The Stratosphere II features the iconic "X" design throughout its rubber body for a superior grip and modern look. The new durable spring-assisted lid easily exposes a powerful single windproof flame. 

Re-designed Allume Single Lighter

   The next generation Allume is here! The new Allume is still a sleek, sexy and stylish single flame lighter, but has been re-engineered for enhanced quality and performance. This lighter comes supercharged; stronger, taller and more user friendly to make it to the finish line in style.

2015 XIKAR Events

We were happy to pair with our retailers to host over 225 events in 2015! These XIKAR Accessory Showcases and Festivals offered monthly themes, fun giveaways, free gifts with purchase and 20% off all XIKAR Accessories! Check out our Events Calendar for more great events and great deals near you in 2016!

   #XiDayFriday [zie-dey fry-dey] n. Using your XIKAR cutter and lighter to kick off the weekend with a smoke.
   Our new favorite weekly tradition was born in 2015! Make it a part of your weekend ritual by posting your picture to social media using #XiDayFriday to join the rest of XIKAR Nation in starting the weekend with a smoke! 

Testimonial of the Year

   First let me just tell you why I purchased my first XIKAR. I was getting into cigars and wanted to step my game up a bit with some nicer accessories. I went to a cigar shop and the guy working the counter suggested a XIKAR cutter. He told me they had the best warranty in the business. No matter what happened theyd replace it. A legitimate lifetime warranty. Not a lifetime warranty with a bunch of legal speak attached to it. As a consumer you hear lifetime warranty and you immediately want to call bullshit. But XIKAR? No bullshit. I really dug that about them. A brand that actually cares about satisfying their customers for life. I bought a XIKAR cutter and lighter on the spot. To this day theyve never wavered from that promise. Ive taken two cutters back because of a chip in the blade and boom the guy behind the counter at the cigar shop replaced them no questions ask. I had a lighter that was leaking a little butane and exchanged it for a new one as well. Ive never had a customer experience as honest and seamless as that. XIKAR promises to take care of their customers for life. So I promise to be a XIKAR brand ambassador for life. I will never buy another brand. I cannot say that about any other product. Theres something so satisfying about smoking a cigar. Its impossible to be in a bad mood while smoking. Ive had so many enjoyable experiences with cigars. Made so many happy memories. And I can always rely on XIKAR to be a part of that experience. To me its not just a lifetime warranty that XIKAR offers. Its a lifetime of happiness.

Kansas City, MO

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2016 starts off with a bang with our 20th Anniversary on January 6th! Keep an eye out for more information as we celebrate throughout the entire year with special events, giveaways, limited edition products and more!
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