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June 2015
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Kurt's Corner


   Please bear with me: this is about cigars!  In her seminal work, The Classic Italian Cookbook, (Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1978), Marcella Hazan writes, (p.335):
"I cannot imagine Italy without its vegetable stalls, filling ancient squares and animating dusty side streets with mounds of fabulous forms in purple, green, red, gold, and orange. In a land heavy with man's monuments, these are the soil's own masterworks.
Perhaps one day the vitality of these still flourishing markets will be replaced by the pallor of deep-freeze counters, those cemeteries of food, where produce is sealed up in wax boxes marked, like some tombstones, with photographs of the departed.  But I hope it never happens. I would sooner be deprived of all of the marvels of Michelangelo."
What creates the “cemeteries of food” she so eloquently describes?  Regulation, the hidden tax on small business, prevents small operators - manufacturers and retailers, from competing (surviving) against well-financed larger corporations who will make up the cost of regulation through increased market share.
Can you imagine the USA without its brick and mortar cigar shops?  Can you imagine buying cigars in their plastic tombstones, with a brand label on top and no images whatsoever?  I can imagine it, I have seen it!  If you doubt this – take a quick trip to Canada. 
I would sooner be deprived of the works of Mark Twain, who, through his cigar smoke, I imagine would chuckle and agree!  If you also agree, join the CRA!!  This, your (consumer) cigar rights organization, leads the defense charge for you in the halls of Congress and among the States, to prevent over-reaching regulation at both the factory and retail level.  Their work has already accomplished much – and yet they still need your help. We can win this fight! We can win, if you join today!

Kurt Van Keppel

President, XIKAR, Inc.


Sneak Peek! The Forte

   Is it a lighter? Is it a cutter? Is it a humidor? Be on the look out for new XIKAR accessories, coming summer 2015!

XIKAR Summer School: Humidification 101

   School is in session! On June 1st, XIKAR began a 6 week crash course on all things humidification. Tune in to the XIKAR Facebook and Twitter pages for lessons on proper humidification practices, helpful hints and the collection of XIKAR products that will help to ensure that your cigar investment is protected! If you have any specific questions you'd like addressed, email them to media@xikar.com, and we'll be sure to answer them!

XIKAR U: How to Light with a Jet Flame

1) Position flame at an angle 1-2 inches away from the foot of the cigar to reduce risk of burning the wrapper.
2) Move the lighter in a circular motion while lighting and puffing the cigar. 
3) Blow on end of the cigar to make sure embers are well lit and create a smooth ash. 

   A jet flame allows for a fast light when using the toasting method. Caution: the hottest part of the flame is invisible; it is above the top of the visible flame.

XIKAR U: Video Education

   The XIKAR YouTube Channel (xikarinc) is a valuable outlet to stay current and informed on all things XIKAR!
   Check out our new Product Innovation playlists, featuring video introductions of our newest products and highlights of their features and benefits.
   The XIKAR U playlist provides helpful troubleshooting videos that offer step-by-step instructions to assist with keeping your XIKAR cutter, lighter or accessory in its top functioning condition.
    Be sure to subscribe to xikarinc on YouTube to ensure that you never miss a video, and to be the first to know of the latest XIKAR innovations and helpful hints. 

 X4L Hall of Fame 
New Member:

Eric Wolf


   Eric Wolf became interested in smoking cigars about 6 years ago, through a combination of talking with friends about the hobby and researching the time and craftsmanship that goes into creating a cigar. As an Enforcement Commander for the Ohio Investigative Unit in Columbus, Ohio, a husband of 19 years and proud father of a high schooler, he enjoys a smoke as often as he can, when his schedule allows.
   A few years ago, Eric purchased his first XIKAR product- a Tech Single lighter- which to this day stands as one of his favorite accessories.

   "I always have it with me. It handles great, has a massive tank size and is always reliable."
   Over the years, Eric's collection has grown to include 8 lighters, 3 cutters, 2 multi-tools, 2 travel humidors and an ashtray can. 

   "I choose XIKAR over other brands because of the quality products, the Lifetime Warranty and unparalleled customer service. I love the variety of products they offer. No 2 lighter models are exactly the same; each offers a different look or design feature. You can never have too many."
Eric is an avid advocate of the XIKAR brand, urging any cigar smoker he encounters to join the XIKAR Nation. The XIKAR Crew has witnessed him first hand at events bringing fellow consumers to the XIKAR table and selling them on a new quality accessory.
   "Buy XIKAR and spread the word. You can't go wrong!"

Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Eric! Congratulations!

X4L Hall of Fame

The XIKAR FOR LIFE Hall of Fame Award is designed to recognize outstanding individuals of XIKAR Nation. Nominees are selected based on their love of XIKAR plus their passion for the cigar lifestyle.

XIKAR Product Reviews


VX V-Cutter
by Should I Smoke This

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PuroTemp Wireless System
by Cigar.Land

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5x64 Turrim Lighter
by Blind Man's Puff

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Featuring Axia Lighter

   This double jet flame lighter is the go-to, all purpose lighter for any cigar size and situation. The Axia's attractive and sleek body style has a great feel and fits nicely in your hand.

Product Benefits:

  • Quick thumb action manual lid to easily expose a powerful double jet flame
  • Protective lid prevents debris from damaging the jets
  • Front thumb action piezo ignition for ergonomic lighting
  • Sleek and durable body style to fit comfortably in the hand and easily slide into your pocket
  • Back fuel window to easily see fuel level
  • Large adjustment wheel to easily adjust the flame height

2015 XIKAR Events

There are a lot of great events for you to check out and get some awesome XIKAR deals! To hear about all of the latest events/news, visit our tab for Events on XIKAR.com. Here are a few coming up from our XIKAR retailers:

6/25 Ash Brothers
Tampa, FL 5PM-8PM
6/25 Native Pride
Irving, NY 12PM-5PM
7/14 Tobacco Plaza
Lake Success, NY 5PM-9PM
7/15 Lake Country Cigars
Delafield, WI 4PM-9PM
7/23 The Smoking Dog
Maple Shade Township, NJ 4PM-8PM
8/5 Tinder Box Waldorf
Waldorf, MD 4PM-8PM
8/14 Nat Sherman 
New York, NY 12PM-6PM
8/22 Outlaw Cigar Company
Overland Park, KS 11AM-5PM
8/22 Thompson Cigar
Tampa, FL 10AM-2PM
8/28 JR Cigar
Selma, NC 11:30AM-4:30PM
8/29 Jungle Jim's
Fairfield, OH 3PM-9PM
8/29 WiseAsh Cigars
Smyrna, GA 2PM-7PM

Testimonial of the Month

   "Your warranty is superior to any other warranty Ive ever heard of. I would never consider ever buying any other brand of lighter. I am a professor of business at a university. In my lectures I use your warranty as an example of a company with a tremendous customer service orientation. I hope you dont mind-students might not be heavy users of your product but some are getting jobs with excellent salaries and It wont be long before they will be buying and consuming quality products like yours. Im happy to plant the XIKAR seed in their minds.Thank you XIKAR is the BEST"
Robbin R. 
Clovis, CA
Share your own experience with the XIKAR Nation. Submit your testimonial here!

 June XIKAR Nation Contest
Fabulous Fathers of XIKAR Nation

We received several touching entries for the Fabulous Fathers of XIKAR Nation Giveaway during the month of June. Congratulations to our 5 winners of the Patio Gift Packs, and thank you for the amazing fathers of XIKAR Nation for all that you do!

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10k Strong!



  The XIKAR Twitter (@XIKARinc) reached 10,000 followers during the month of June! Thank you to those who helped us reach this huge milestone! Follow the Leader for the latest news, contests, product teasers and all things XIKAR!

Happy 4th of July!!
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