February 2015 Newsletter

February 2015
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Kurt's Corner

We’re working on a promise!
XIKAR recently engaged in some very effective management training, which included the elements of a request and a commitment (promise).  According to the Coach’s wisdom, our whole social fabric revolves around communication. Organizations, or networks of communications made up of requests and promises, will perform best when they effectively achieve a high standard in each.
A good request includes a committed speaker, who verbally or in writing states a request that contains a timeframe (delivery date), the future actions, and the expected conditions of satisfaction.  Appropriate mood and context assist in getting to yes – (the right request at the wrong time is the wrong request).
The request becomes a promise or a commitment only once the listener declares, “Yes” (I will do it by then).  If that promise is broken, the relationship diminishes.  And not dealing with broken commitments almost always leads to resentment and a drop-off in effectiveness in organizational accomplishment.  Yet we cannot keep 100% of the promises we keep. Thus, managing commitments becomes key in a world where our commitments take most of our time. 
How then do we manage our commitments and our time?  First, by learning to say “yes”, and “no”, and then with two more detailed tools. One might reasonably “Commit to commit” when further information is needed. (“I need to check my calendar, then I’ll let you know.”)  Or perhaps one might counter offer (“I can’t get it done by tomorrow, but I could by Friday”).  Finally worth noting is the broken promise: sometimes we have to break a promise.  We should always endeavor to do it up-front, to give advance notice and a chance for a renegotiation.
You may wonder why I spent this space on something so simple!  Simply put: we thought we had it right until we brand the formal request / promise approach. It has really helped.  Secondly, it has really helped in other areas outside of business.  I’m sure you can imagine your own examples!

Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR, Inc.


NEW 5x64 Turrim Lighter

   The all new 5x64 Turrim is a tall, robust and unique double jet flame lighter. Its versatile cylindrical shape allows for easy portability in a cigar slot inside your travel case or as a durable table top lighter. Its massive fuel tank and over-sized patented fuel adjustment wheel are revolutionary to the cigar industry.

Product Benefits:

  • Durable metal body with a sleek look and feel 
  • Ergonomic pull-down pivot action ignition for easy lighting
  • Over-sized patented fuel adjustment wheel to easily adjust flame height
  • Fits into one cigar slot inside your travel case for the smoker on the go
  • Stand-alone design allows for tabletop use
  • The largest fuel capacity currently offered by XIKAR
  • Large fuel window for easy viewing
  • Available in Black, Gunmetal and Silver finishes
Stand Tall. Journey Far.

The New M8 has Arrived. Engineered.

   XIKAR's classic double guillotine cutter is now dressed in a sleek metal body for a more refined look and enhanced performance. Its sharp stainless steel blades cleanly remove the cap of up to a 70 ring gauge cigar while the updated body delivers power to your fingertips.

XIKAR U Filling your Humidifier

   XIKAR's VP of Engineering and Process Excellence shares some helpful rules and tips to remember when filling your XIKAR humidifier.
  • It's time to add solution to your humidifier when you see the crystals have shrunk down to fill only about half of the volume as when they are fully charged. In HumiStore products, the crystals will stay clumped together, but will start shrinking down and away from the walls of the unit
  • You can recharge your humidifier as often as you think of it, there's no such thing as overfilling. How often do do so depends on the size of your humidifier, the size of your humidor and how well it seals, how often the humidor is opened, etc.
  • Fill the humidifier until the fluid reaches the fill line in the jar, or the metal screen on HumiStore units. *Wait 15 minutes before replacing a HumiStore unit that hangs upside down. 
  • Never use distilled water alone or a different brand of PG Solution. XIKAR units are designed to use XIKAR PG Solution. Our proprietary solution blend was developed to maximize the life of our humidifiers to prevent clogs with PG as other brands produce. 

Extended Offer! Free Butane with New 2015 Innovation Purchase!

    Select XIKAR Retailers are offering a FREE 1.9 oz. can of XIKAR PUROFINE Premium Butane with the purchase of the new M8 cutter or 5x64 Turrim lighter. This in-store promotion is was originally scheduled to end February 28th, but has been extended to March 31st! Take advantage of this continued offer by purchasing the M8 or 5x64 Turrim at these participating locations.

X4L Hall of Fame New Member
Salomón Fermon


   Solomon is an ophthalmologist living in Mexico City, Mexico. His passion for smoking cigars began at age 18:
  "I smoked my first cigar my best friend gave to me. I have never stopped from that moment, smoking 3-4 cigars daily."

   Soloman has been using XIKAR products since the birth of the company. He tried out the iconic Xi Cutter and instantly fell in love:

"I became a fan at that moment." 


   Solomon's extensive XIKAR collection began with a single black Xi1 cutter. He claims his personalized Xi3 Mammoth scrimm skull cutter as his favorite product, though it was a tough decision:
"XIKAR is simply the best. They deliver a clean cut every time while remaining light, ergonomic and having great design!" 
Welcome to the XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame, Solomon! 

Featuring Cigar Bar Humidifiers

  Perfect humidification is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with XIKAR Cigar Bar Humidifiers! Simply...
  1. Remove the wrapper
  2. Drop into your humidor
  3. Enjoy a perfect 70% Relative Humidity! 
   When it's time to refill with XIKAR PG Solution, the Cigar Bar Humidifier features 2 easy-fill openings for your convenience.

2014 XIKAR Events

There are a lot of great events for you to check out and get some awesome XIKAR deals! To hear about all of the latest events/news, visit our tab for Events on XIKAR.com. Here are a few coming up from our XIKAR retailers:

2/26 Tobacco Shop
Hartford, CT 7PM-10PM
2/27 Honolulu Cigar Co.
Honolulu, HI 5:30PM-9:30PM
3/4 Empire Cigars
Raleigh, NC 5PM-9PM
3/5 Empire Cigars
Apex, NC 5PM-9PM
3/6 The Maduro Room
Lexington, SC 4PM-9PM
3/7 Cigar Shop Biloxi
Biloxi, MS 3PM-10PM
3/12 Tobacco Leaf
Jessup, MD 5PM-9PM
3/13 Old Havana Cigar Co.
Rome, GA 6PM-9PM
3/14 Georgetown Tobacco
Washington D.C. 2PM-8PM
3/14 Old Havana Cigar Co.
Gadsden, AL 3PM-7PM
3/15 Tinder Box
Columbus, OH 12PM-9PM
3/16 Rocky's News
Syracuse, NY 4PM-8PM
3/20 JR Cigar
Mooresville, NC 10AM-3PM
3/21 Tobacco Cove
Jacksonville, FL 1:30PM-4:30PM
3/26 Burns Tobacconist East
Chattanooga, TN 4PM-9PM
3/29 Aromas Cigar, Wine & Martini Bar
Jacksonville, FL 11AM-5PM
4/2 Burning Desire Cigar Emporium
Lakeland, TN 6PM-10PM
4/3 Cigar Depot
Douglasville, GA 5PM-8PM
4/9 Old Virginia Tobacco Co.
Sterling, VA 4PM-8PM
4/9 Tobacco Plaza
Lake Success, NY 6PM-11PM
4/10 Old Virginia Tobacco Co.
Woodbridge, VA 4PM-8PM
4/11 Old Virginia Tobacco Co.
Arlington, VA 1PM-5PM
4/17 Old Havana Cigar Co.
Catersville, GA 6PM-9PM
4/18 Cigar Superstore
Valley Stream, NY 2PM-6PM
4/25 Texas Cigar Festival
Houston, TX 6PM-10PM
4/25 Thompson Cigar
Tampa, FL 10AM-2PM

Testimonial of the Month

Just wanted to say thank you. I've had this cutter for a long time now but it has been broken for at least a year. Everyone has told me to send it back to the company that they will fix it at no cost I did not believe them. I just wanted to say your company is very great and I appreciate it.

Joe M. 
Bronx, NY

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Contest 5x64 Turrim: Travel vs. Tabletop Lighter

We think your brand new 5x64 Turrim lighter would look even better paired with a new cutter! Tune into the XIKAR Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages during the month of February for a photo contest featuring the new 5x64 Turrim lighter! Weekly winners will receive the new M8 double guillotine cutter. There's one cutter left to be awarded Saturday 2/28, don't miss out!

Above: Week #1 Winner
Michael S.

Above: Week #2 Winner
Chris D. 

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X4L Hall of Fame

The XIKAR FOR LIFE Hall of Fame Award is designed to recognize outstanding individuals of XIKAR Nation. Nominees are selected based on their love of XIKAR plus their passion for the cigar lifestyle
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