August 2015 Newsletter

August 2015
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Kurt's Corner
The Nature of Innovation

   Nature may be the best innovator.  As Darwin suggested, adaptation to needs (survival) encourages solutions which over time succeed in achieving the goal. These adaptations appear in slow form, with nature favoring one trait over another, or appear in sudden changes such as a genetic mutation of superior survival skill.

   Product innovation follows a similar path, although not always with the survival goal. More often, at XIKAR for example, innovation answers a consumer need or problem that has common appeal.

   For example, Scott and I invented our Xi cutter, which celebrates its 20th anniversary early next year, in answer to my need for a superior cutter function (like scissors) with an ergonomic and artful form. "Nature" or the marketplace, favored our invention to the degree that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office recently awarded it iconic status through a Trademark on the cutter shape. We are very proud of the recognition, and delighted with the perpetual protection it provides!

   Not all our innovations will achieve this.  Some provide solutions over time though evolution of existing products or synthesis of ideas from disparate sources. Our recent launch of the Volta and Forte lighters demonstrate the first, while the PuroTemp, our remote readout hygrometer, illustrates synthesis.

   Whatever the scale of the idea, it begins with a source - you and your "problems" or needs.  We know these needs only if you tell us, through our solicitation in person, in newsletters or in surveys. We value that feedback like gold - because real solutions start with real needs.  Of course, we also smoke cigars daily, and realize some of those needs on our own.  We definitely produce, test and market the best of those.  And we are hungry for more!  If you've got a need, or perhaps even a solution that has common appeal,  let us know - you might have your name on a patent that one day becomes an icon!!

Kurt Van Keppel

President, XIKAR, Inc

The Volta Quad Flame Lighter

   The Volta bundles XIKAR's patented technologies to deliver a high performance quad flame tabletop lighter. The oversized push button ignition fits flush against the cylindrical metal body, creating a powerful appearance. The high tech camera-aperture inspired lid protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a quick twist of the lid top. 

Product Benefits

  • Durable metal body with a sleek look and  solid feel
  • Oversized push button for rapid ignition
  • Easy-to-see red fuel window
  • Ratcheting, oversized fuel wheel to easily adjust flame height
  • Vented windows to provide more consistent and reliable lighting
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@hollywoodsmokecigars, Instagram. Click image to enlarge

Coming Soon from XIKAR

   We were excited to introduce our latest cigar accessory innovations and designs at the annual IPCPR Trade Show and Convention in July. By now, you may have seen some of these items including new Forte and Volta lighters and the Stratosphere II redesign.
   Additional new products and collections are expected to hit your local retailers this fall. Check out this XIKAR IPCPR Overview for a peek into what you can expect to see from XIKAR over the next couple of months!

XIKAR U How to Adjust a Spark Wire

   If your XIKAR lighter is not producing a flame, but you can still hear a click and a flow of fuel as well as see a spark, you may need to adjust your lighter's spark wire. Follow this How-To Video to change the direction which the spark is cast so it can ignite your Purofine Butane fuel and return to its superior function.
#XIKARNation Demonstration
@unicodesde1979, Instagram

Testimonial of the Month

"I had a house fire and my humidor almost completely survived. The second pic shows where the seal melted and now doesn't keep my cigars fresh, but the cigars that were inside were fine after the fire. You guys make a great product. Looking to purchase another one."
-Kenyatta B.
   We do not guarantee that our Travel Humidors are fire-proof, but are glad to see that Kenyatta's came through for him! Fortunately, there is no need to purchase another humidor. Under our Lifetime Warranty, we are happy to provide a replacement!


Share your own experience with the XIKAR Nation. Submit your testimonial here!

Free Sheath Offer Cutter & Lighter Registration


  We are proud to offer custom-fitted protective sheaths for most XIKAR cutters and lighters! Simply follow this link to login and register your accessory. Successful registrations for qualifying products will receive a sheath by mail within 3 weeks.
   For aficionados seeking a more luxurious option, the Xi Stingray Sheath is available for purchase. This exotic case made from authentic stingray skin fits all Xi1, Xi2 & Xi3 cigar cutters.

Featuring Portable Ashtray Can

   The Portable Ashtray Can is great for any cigar aficionado who enjoys a cigar while on the go. Whether boating, golfing or in the car, our portable Ashtray Can keeps ash off your dash. Also available in black leather for those who want to dress-up this functional accessory.

Product Benefits:

  • Made of high quality stainless steel construction for durability
  • Multi-functional as it fits into cup holders and consoles of most cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and golf carts
  • Slide on lid and deep reservoir keeps the ashes and odor contained
  • Ring and spiral secure cigars and cigarettes of all sizes
Perfect for hunting and tailgating!


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@OliverosCigars, Twitter. Click image to enlarge

2015 XIKAR Events

There are a lot of great events for you to check out and get some awesome XIKAR deals! To hear about all of the latest events/news, visit our tab for Events on Here are a few coming up from our XIKAR retailers:

8/28 JR Cigar
Selma, NC 11:30AM-4:30PM
8/29 Jungle Jim's Cigar Festival
Fairfield, OH 3PM-9PM
8/29 WiseAsh Cigars
Smyrna, GA 2PM-7PM
9/1 Harbor Cigars
Destin, FL 4PM-9PM
9/4 Honolulu Cigar Company
Honolulu Cigar Company 6PM-9PM
9/4 Mike's Cigar Room
Conroe, TX 1PM-7PM
9/9 Smoker's Haven
Metuchen, NJ 6PM-9PM
9/11 Tee It Up for the Troops
Odessa, FL 9AM-6PM
9/12 Kansas City Cigar Festival
Kansas City, MO 11AM-3PM
9/12 Smokin on the Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 5PM-10PM
9/16 Bigg's Cigar Emporium
Chicago, IL 5PM-9PM
9/17 Hyde Park Cigars
Chicago, IL 5PM-9PM
9/18 Up Down Tobacco
Chicago, IL 5PM-9PM
9/19 Cigar House
Lawrenceville, GA 1PM-5PM
9/22 Davidus Cigars
Baltimore, MD 4PM-8PM
9/24 Pipes, Ltd.
Hickory, NC 5PM-8PM
9/26 Cigar Studio "57"
Cumming, GA 2PM-7PM
10/10 Tinder Box of Tennessee
Collierville, TN 2PM-8PM
10/22 The Cigar Exchange
Wilmington, NC 4PM-8PM
10/24 Stogies World Class Cigars
Houston, TX 6PM-10PM
10/24 Tampa Humidor
Tampa, FL 11AM-5PM
10/29 Corona Cigar
Lake Mary, FL 4PM-9PM
10/30 Corona Cigar
Orlando, FL 5PM-10PM

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  #XiDayFriday [zie-dey fry-dey] n.: Using your XIKAR cutter and lighter to kick off the weekend with a smoke.
   Unwinding with a good cigar on a Friday is the best way to get the weekend started! After lighting up your stogie, post a picture with the XIKAR accessories used to social media with the hashtag #XiDayFriday. You could be the next week's featured image!

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