April 2015 Newsletter

April 2015
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Kurt's Corner


 Ten days ago I joined a group of the cigar trade's leading retailers and brand distributors for a four day conference in the Dominican Republic. You can imagine the camaraderie of a cigar translates well to a cigar conference in the DR! A cigar makes a plumber and and president friends, so why not competitors too?! So it goes for at least a week every year.

   Two presentations stood out for their value and urgency. First, most urgent and important, are the fight for tobacco rights in the US congress and in the halls of many state legislatures. We cannot let up either fight, lest our beloved past-time get regulated  and taxed out of existence. The fight is real and the time is now! Please click this link right now and head over to the Cigar Rights of America (CRA) web site. Join, sign the petition, and contribute your financial support.

   We also viewed a presentation by Ken Schmidt, a former VP of marketing for Harley Davidson, who painted a stark portrait of a company that went bankrupt by focusing marketing on product features instead of the lifestyle it creates.  The turnaround at Harley apparently coincides with the birth of the "why" buy a Harley (the experience). You can view an abbreviated version of Ken's speech here.

   I am extremely grateful to enjoy business in a trade that is already "lifestyle", where the why is already well known. Furthermore, I delight in providing you an experience that supports the why, a cool tool for every celebration, and I deeply appreciate hearing from you on your experience with our product.  So, please do keep sending us your thoughts in emails and letters. I like to receive both positive (who doesn't want an 'attaboy'?!), and negative (so that we can improve) news.

Happy spring, and good smoking!

Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR, Inc.


NEW Ultra Combo

   The new Ultra Mag lighter is dressed in an external redesign with performance in mind, bringing clean and elegant lines to the metal body. This single flame lighter features an enhanced magnetic attachment system, providing a seamless magnetic connection to its space saving counterpart, the Ultra Slim cutter. The re-designed Ultra Mag provides the perfect match of engineering and performance. 

Product Benefits:

  • Secure magnetic attachment system to bond together the Ultra Slim cutter and lighter
  • More accessible thumb action ignition trigger for rapid lighting
  • Crosshatch texture for a superior grip
  • Oversized fuel wheel allows for easy flame height adjustment
  • Added venting windows to provide more consistent, reliable lighting
  • Easy view fuel window
  • G2 and Silver finish feature scratch resistant body protector
  • Black finish features a scratch resistant wrinkled finish
Match. Set.

XIKAR U Bleeding vs. Purging

   Bleeding: Emptying all the fuel out of your lighter's gas tank. 
You will want to bleed all fuel out of your lighter whenever you are refilling with fresh butane, or if you are preparing to ship it.
   To bleed the lighter you will need our MTX Multitool,  safety pin, unfolded paperclip or small Philips screw driver. Simply depress the fill valve to open the tank until all butane is released from the lighter.

Purging: Releasing built-up air pressure inside your lighter's gas tank.

   Whenever you first receive your lighter you should purge it. The tank may become pressurized in shipping, leaving little to no room for butane when attempting to fill. You should also always purge the lighter during the filling process, to ensure that you are expelling extra air pressure in the tank to create room for the maximum amount of butane possible. 
   Using the same tool used to bleed the lighter, depress the fill valve while the lighter is upside down. The first initial burst you hear is the pressurized air. Continue to purge until the air is completely drained, and the residual solution being expelled is the butane converting to a gas.  Once all air pressure is released, you may fill the new space in your tank completely with butane.
A new XIKAR U Video walking you through this process is coming soon! Keep an eye out on the XIKAR YouTube Channel!

In-Store Promotion:
FREE Butane with any Allume Purchase

  Select XIKAR Retailers are offering a FREE 1.9 oz. can of XIKAR PUROFINE Premium Butane with the purchase of ANY Allume lighter. This in-store promotion begins May 1st and runs through May 31st. 
   Take advantage of this offer by purchasing the Allume at participating locations listed here beginning May 1st.

Vote XIKAR as 2015 Accessory of the Year


   For the past two years, XIKAR has been awarded Cigar Journal's Accessory of the Year (XTX Tabletop 2013, Allume 2014.) We are hoping to claim the title for the third year in a row, and need the help of XIKAR Nation to nominate the Xi3 Phantom Cutter!
    The Phantom's stealth-looking matte black body and blades along with genuine carbon fiber wings exude power and performance. This luxury cutter provides a smooth, clean cut every time. It’s the ultimate accessory for the cigar smoker who enjoys the style of his accessory as much as his cigar.
   Please follow this link to submit your nomination for the Xi3 Phantom Cutter as Cigar Journal's 2015 Accessory of the Year!


X4L Hall of Fame
New Member:
Ed Kacsuta

Ed Kacsuta lives in Goldsboro, North Carolina as a Systems Analyst at Wayne Memorial Hospital, and is currently pursuing his MBA part time at ECU. When he was 15 or 16, Ed took his first cigar from his dad's humidor, but couldn't quite enjoy the pleasure of smoking for several years:
  "I love the taste of a fine cigar which goes hand-in-hand with good people to share the experience with." 
   Ed first heard about XIKAR from his friend David, and has been enjoying our fine cutters and lighters ever since his first purchase of the NTX.

Ed enjoys smoking with a close group of friends every weekend at the old tobacco barn or in the car on the way back from an enjoyable meal. He enjoys 1-2 cigars every Friday, sometimes up to 5 cigars a week, clipping with his favorite Xi3 Wooly Mammoth cutter:

"It gets the job done every time. This is why I choose XIKAR over any other brand. I have used other lighters and cutters, both cheap and expensive, none of which match the dependability nor warranty of XIKAR." 
Welcome to the XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame, Ed!


X4L Hall of Fame

The XIKAR FOR LIFE Hall of Fame Award is designed to recognize outstanding individuals of XIKAR Nation. Nominees are selected based on their love of XIKAR plus their passion for the cigar lifestyle.

XIKAR Product Reviews


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Featuring Spring Limited Time Offer Gift Packs

  XIKAR has assembled four great gift packs to help kick off the summer season! Perfect for Father's Day, the herf with friends or a unique addition to your own collection, these packages are made up of the limited edition products listed below that are only available in their respective set. Check them out at your local retailer, while supplies last!
Tactical Gift Pack
  • XIKAR Expedition Knife
  • XIKAR Tech Double Black with G2 Trim
  • XIKAR 5ct. Travel Case with Custom Tactical Dome Label

Patio Gift Pack

  • XIKAR Cirro Black
  • XIKAR Expressions Ashtray

First Class Gift Pack

  • XIKAR Ellipse III Black
  • Xi3 Phantom Redwood
  • Luxury Collector's Display

Stars and Stripes Gift Pack

  • Xi1 American Flag Cutter
  • Allume Double Blue (Laser Engraved)
  • Collector's Tin Packaging

2015 XIKAR Events

There are a lot of great events for you to check out and get some awesome XIKAR deals! To hear about all of the latest events/news, visit our tab for Events on XIKAR.com. Here are a few coming up from our XIKAR retailers:

4/30 Belicoso Cigars
Hoover, AL 12PM-2PM
4/30 Havana Dreamin'
Montgomery, AL 4PM-8PM
5/1-5/2 Cigarfest
Lake Harmony, PA
5/1 Absolute Tobacco
Katy, TX 4PM-8PM
5/6 ABC Liquor
Ponte Verda, FL 7PM-9PM
5/6 Habanapalooza
Albany, NY 6PM-11PM
5/7 Peaceful Henry's
Bluffton, SC 6PM-9PM
5/8 Cutter's Cigar Emporium
Alpharetta, GA 5PM-8PM
5/9 Tobaccology
Manassas, VA 2PM-6PM
5/9 Baxter's Cigars
Phoenix, AZ 4PM-8PM
5/12 The Party Source
Bellevue, KY 5PM-8PM
5/13 Smoky's Tobacco and Cigars Shop
Knoxville, TN 6:30PM-9:30PM
5/14 Burns Tobacconist Downtown
Chattanooga, TN 5:30PM-9:30PM
5/14 Smoke on the Water
Baltimore, MD 6:30PM
5/14 Jungle Jim's 
Fairfield, OH 5PM-9PM
5/15 Anthony's Cigar
Phoenix, AZ 4PM-8PM
5/15 Neptune Cigar
Miami, FL 6PM-9PM
5/16 Nice Ash Cigars
Warren, PA 10AM-4PM
5/19 Doc James
Shrub Oak, NJ 4PM-9PM
5/21 Maxi's Cigar 
Franklin Square, NY 4PM-8PM
5/22 Palmetto Breeze Cigar Place
Rock Hill, SC 5PM-8PM
5/28 Bouch's Cigars
Fairhope, AL 6PM-10PM
5/28 Mister B's
Avon, IN 3PM-10PM
5/30 Thompson Cigar
Tampa, FL 10AM-2PM
6/5 JR Cigar
Paramus, NJ 12PM-4PM
6/5 Smoking Cave Cigars
Highlands Ranch, CO 7PM-11PM
6/6 Finck Lone Star Cigar Bash
Helotes, TX
6/6 JR Cigar 
Burlington, NC 11AM-5:30PM
6/6 Outlaw Cigar Company
Overland Park, KS 11AM-5PM
6/19 JR Cigar
Whippany, NJ 12PM-4PM
6/25 Ash Brothers
Largo, FL 5PM-8PM

Testimonial of the Month

I've had probably two dozen windproof lighters over the last 30 years. I'm a climber, backpacker, skier and fly fisherman, so I spend lots and lots of time in the wind here in Montana. I probably went through nearly a dozen of the ones O---- used to sell, and ... they all fell apart or simply ceased to light after a season or two. The cheaper ones aren't even worth buying since they fail almost immediately. So kudos to you folks at XIKAR because my Stratosphere lighter never ever failed to light when I needed it. I want to thank you again for a great warranty on a great product that I do not hesitate to recommend to my many friends who are likewise very active in the outdoors here in Montana.
George O. 
Helena, MT

Share your own experience with the XIKAR Nation. Submit your testimonial here!

X4L Hall of Fame
New Member:
Michael Martinez

   Michael Martinez is government procurement agent from Miami Springs, Florida. His passion for smoking cigars began about 8 years ago:
  "I picked one up at a family gathering, and immediately fell in love with cigars."
   Michael was introduced to XIKAR a few years ago by XIKAR Rep, Nelson Boronat:

"He told me to try a XIKAR cutter because it was the best cut I'll ever have... and he was right! From that moment, I was all about XIKAR." 

   Michael's XIKAR collection began with an Axia lighter, enjoying the way it felt in his hand and its beautiful appearance. His favorite XIKAR product, however, is his engraved Xi3 3D Mayan cutter. Michael can be found lighting up at Sabor Havana in Doral, Florida or South Miami Cigar and Wine in South Miami.

"I pick XIKAR over other accessories because they have beautiful high quality products that are backed with their lifetime guarantee. They simply are the best when it comes to cigar accessories!" 
Welcome to the XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame, Michael!

Coming in May: XIKAR Nation Contest
Allume Spring Break 2k15

The New Allume Lighter colors are going on Spring Break! Tune in May 4th-29th for contest details and to participate for your chance to win the next generation Allume lighter! 

XIKAR Nation Contest Recap:

   The #XIKARMadness Remaining Four Giveaway produced the highest product giveaway count in XIKAR Nation Contest history! 
   The final teams of Kentucky, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Duke led to a total of 96 X875 cutter and Alllume lighter awards between our Facebook and Twitter participants. 
   If you entered the contest and believe you won a prize, be sure to check your social media account! Thank you for such a great turnout, and be sure to check below for the next XIKAR Nation Contest and your chance to win!
Be a part of XIKAR Nation! Connect with us on Social Media to see daily updates of events, pictures, weekly contests to win XIKAR swag and more! 
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