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March 20, 2014

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Kurt's Corner
We've been talking a lot about Innovation lately, at the office, with our
customers and even on these pages. You see, we believe that 
Innovation (and extraordinary customer experience), is key to growing 
a business that attracts consumers like you to our products and brand.

Innovation began at XIKAR in my hand.  As I observed my hand cutting a 
cigar, I realized that the entire palm could be used to create a much 
more powerful cut - and the Xi cutter was born.  We have made this 
process, of seeking better solutions by observing consumer interaction,
core to our innovation - and now a formal process at XIKAR.  Not only
do we observe, but also we strip away comfortable assumptions of past
solutions, by asking: what's the problem  / what's the goal?

I take great pride in announcing the latest result of this process. Our PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System solves the problem of both neglect and hyper-attention to your humidification systems. The system not only gives you a desktop readout of your humidor's temperature and humidity, but also alarms you when either surpasses your set limits.  Now you give both your cigars, and yourself, a worry-free rest. You don't have to open the box to see what's going on in there!

You can find one at your local tobacconist - ask him for a demo.  And while there, pick up a bottle of XIKAR PG Solution, the other key to maintaining proper humidity.  (For more education on this topic than you imagine or perhaps even want, check this link).

In the meantime, we'll be back at XPDS (XIKAR Product Design Services) center, dreaming up more ways to improve your smoking experience.  And on these pages, and on Twitter and Facebook, we'll ask for your help, opinions and advice.  Keep an eye out! 


Kurt Van Keppel
NEW PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System!

     The PuroTemp™ Wireless Hygrometer System is a technology tool making it easier for cigar smokers to monitor the humidity and temperature inside their humidor without having to open their humidor. It also alerts the smoker if conditions are outside their desired levels.

Product Benefits:
• Reliable and simple wireless remote
  hygrometer that can read temperature
  and humidity levels inside your humidor
  without leaving your seat
• No calibration needed, guaranteed
   accuracy of +/- 2% RH right out of the
• Reads remotes within a 60ft range
• Eliminates the need to repeatedly open
   your humidor, which can cause large
• Ability to monitor up to 3 humidors
• Customizable high/low alarm alerts you if
   your cigars are not in a optimal
• Base unit features clock and displays
   both °F & °C
• Scientifically developed for accuracy
   and dependability so you can be
   confident that your cigar investment is


Remote Sensors (Each base unit comes with 1 sensor. Additional sensors available for purchase)

Upcoming XIKAR Events

     There are a lot of great events for you to check out and get awesome XIKAR deals! To hear about all of the latest events/news, visit our tab for Events on Facebook. Here are a few coming up from our XIKAR retailers:
3/21 Tobacco Plaza

Lake Success, NY 6-10 p.m.
3/21 Churchill Fine Cigars Lounge

Atlanta, GA 4-8 p.m.
3/22 Tobacco Cove 

Jacksonville, FL 1-4 p.m.
3/23-27 TAA

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
3-26 Tobacco Town

Beaver, WE 5-8 p.m.
3/28 Cuban Crafters

Miami, FL 6-9 p.m.
3-28 Mom's Cigar Warehouse
Scarsdale, NY 5-9 p.m.
3-29 Cigar Studio 57

Cumming, GA 2-6 p.m.
4/1 Party Source

Bellevue, KY 5-8 p.m.
4/4 Smoking on the Bend

Shreveport, LA

4/10 Ashes N Embers
Somerville, NJ 5-9 p.m.
4/12 5th Annual TX Cigar Festival
Houston, TX 6:30-10:30 p.m.
4/16 Nat Sherman
NY, NY 10 a.m. -6 p.m.
4/17 Smoky's Tobacco Cigars & Gifts

Knoxville, TN 5-9 p.m.
4/19 Smokes

West Bend, WI 1-5 p.m.
4/24 Lake Country Cigar

Delafield, WI 4-7 p.m.
4/25 Honolulu Cigar Company

Honolulu, HI 5:30-8:30 p.m.

4/26 Thompson Cigars

10 a.m. -3 p.m.
4/26 Cigar Cigar

Evansville, IN 2:30-6:30 p.m.

Jeffrey Parker, 
Hall of Fame member!

     XIKAR is proud to announce the Jeff Parker as our newest XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame member. The Tampa native met our rep Nelson Boronat at an event at King Corona. He is a HUGE XIKAR fan as evidenced by some of his collection.
     Jeff is currently a student at the University of South Florida and has smoked cigars for the last 10+ years. "My first cigar was from a hockey teammate, we met up to get some lunch and I was smoking a Swisher Sweet. He was a former Marine drill Sergeant and yelled at me to try a REAL cigar and handed me a Cohiba, XIKAR cutter and torch lighter. I've been using XIKAR ever since," Jeff said. 
    He currently works for a local Engineering Firm as a sinkhole technician and spends his days on the job site smoking cigars with the crew. In his evenings, he enjoys hanging out at various cigar bars or his back porch. "You will never find me without my XIKAR Acid Xi1 Cutter and Trezo lighter. XIKAR for Jeff's Life," said Jeff.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Jeff, we appreciate your loyalty and support! 


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Some of Jeff Parker's XIKAR collection...

XIKAR takes a Euro Trip!
     Our International Marketing Manager Ian Messer and COO Tim Webster went on a whirlwind 2 week trip across Europe to visit some of our distributors. Look for big things across the pond coming from XIKAR soon!

Ian, XIKAR's Europe Sales Manager Ludo, Sandro (French Distributor) and manager of Publicis Drugstore at a retail shop in Paris near the Champ Elysees

Tim, Michaela and Dr. Josef Stanislaw, our distributors serving Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia

Great merchandising from a brand new store in Prague that is very excited about XIKAR!
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