November 2014 Newsletter

November 26, 2014
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Kurt's Corner

Happy ThanksGIVING
“It is better to give than to receive”. Is this true? I’ll let you be the judge.  Scarleth, who lives in Tampa and worked the Verbena Cigar Festival event last Sunday with us, told me the following story. On that same morning as she was leaving her church in Ybor City, she saw her friend, the homeless man who hangs out there. 


He looked distressed, so she gave him a hug and the $10 she had in her pocket.  With tears, he thanked her and wandered off. She watched him enter the church, and fearful that he might be asked to leave, she pursued. Inside, she found him at the desk, sealing a donation envelope. She asked him what he was doing – and he said that he was donating $10 to the church. “That same $10 I gave you?” “Yes.” “But that was for you!” “I know,” he replied, “but I really felt poor and rejected this morning, and asked God for comfort. He sent me your hug. I was so grateful that I wanted to give everything I had for that.  All I had was that $10.” 

  That’s a beautiful reminder that our holiday this week is   really about giving thanks.  It’s my favorite holiday – for   family, camaraderie, good food and libation.  It’s also my   favorite for the simple reason that giving thanks rewards   us far more than getting – as the story above shows.  I   want to thank you, each and every one, for the     enthusiasm, support, trust and loyalty you have given us over the last 18 years.  It is a true gift!


Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR, Inc.


NEW Xi3 Coral Cutters

   The Xi3 Coral Cutters are the ultimate accessory for the distinguished cigar smoker who wants a quality cut and a strikingly beautiful look. 
   XIKAR’s iconic tear drop shape cutter has been paired with strikingly beautiful hand crafted Tiger Coral (left) and Apple Coral (right) handles. The coral pieces used to make these cutters are found on the ocean floor, broken off from the surf and storm surge. They are collected using sound practices and techniques, and are no longer part of a living coral reef. No two cutters are alike.

Product Benefits:

  • Unique tear drop shape for an ergonomic design to provide comfort in your hand and superior functionality
  • Striking and unique looking Tiger Coral and Apple Coral wings that are collected using sound practices and techniques
  • Stainless steel body and blades are extremely durable and will give you the finest cigar cut with power, efficiency and ease of use all in one hand; for a lifetime
  • Packed in a luxury display case making it a show piece at retail and home
Enjoy Nature's Beauty!

Limited Time Offer Holiday Gift Packs

     XIKAR makes it easy for you to pick out the perfect holiday gift! We have assembled 7 different packages that are ready for gifting, at a joyful price! Click on the gift packs below to view each stunning set.

Sterling Gift Pack
XIKAR 5ct. Travel Case with Silver Latches and Silver Dome Label
•XIKAR X8 Cutter Silver

Precision Gift Pack
•XIKAR VX V-Cut Black
•XIKAR Enigma II Black
•Limited Edition Collector's Tin

Sports Gift Pack
•XIKAR Portable Ashtray Can
•XIKAR Xi2 Cutter Noir
•XIKAR Stratosphere Lighter Red or Clear
•XIKAR 5ct. Travel Case

High Performance Gift Pack
•XIKAR Xi3 Carbon Fiber Cutter
•XIKAR Axia G2 Lighter
•Limited Edition Collector's Tin

Hot Rod Collector's Gift Pack
•XIKAR Xi1 Cutter Red
•XIKAR Pulsar Lighter Red
•Luxury Display Box

White Out Gift Pack
•XIKAR White Stair-step Ceramic Ashtray 
•XIKAR Xi2 Cutter Pearl
•XIKAR Executive II Lighter Pearl

Black Out Gift Pack
•XIKAR Black Stair-step Ceramic Ashtray
•XIKAR Xi2 Cutter Noir
•XIKAR Executive II Lighter Black

Available at your local retailer while supplies last!

Tobacconists University: Humidity Variations

   It is natural for any type of humidor to experience variations in humidity: no system is perfect. When a humidor begins to dry out, the cedar or dry air will begin to absorb moisture and oils away from the cigars, starting with the wrappers. If the cigar wrapper dries out, it can easily come off the binder, begin to unravel, and flake apart. Further drying will lead to the filler tobaccos being ruined as well. The loss of moisture halts the aging process and evaporates the essential oils that have been developed in a cigar. Controlling and minimizing variations in humidity is critical to proper cigar conditioning. XIKAR Tip: The PuroTemp™ Wireless Hygrometer System features customizable alarms that alert you when these variations in humidity occur.

Teardrop Cutter Trademark

   We are happy to announce that the application for trademark on the Xi cutter shape has recently been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office! 
   The trademark configuration includes the teardrop shape main body and the cigar opening of the cutter, as is shown by the solid lines in the image above. The knob, slot, pivot head and blade parts shown in broken lines serve to show the positioning of these features, and form no part of the mark.

   This iconic teardrop cutter shape will continue to act as an exclusive symbol of XIKAR Inc. and our commitment to provide highly compelling, differentiated product innovation and exceptional customer service.

X4L Hall of Fame

The XIKAR FOR LIFE Hall of Fame Award is designed to recognize outstanding individuals of XIKAR Nation. Nominees are selected based on their love of XIKAR plus their passion for the cigar lifestyle.
 If you  know someone who represents XIKAR Nation with a passion for the brand, love for the lifestyle and appreciation of quality, please fill our newly revised 
nomination form.

XIKAR Product Reviews


Ultra Cutter/Lighter Combo
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Featuring PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System

  The PuroTemp™ Wireless Hygrometer System is a technology tool making it easier for cigar smokers to monitor the humidity and temperature inside their humidor without having to open their humidor. It also alerts the smoker if conditions are outside their desired levels.

Product Benefits:

  • Reliable and simple wireless remote hygrometer that can read temperature and humidity levels inside your humidor without leaving your seat
  • No calibration needed, guaranteed accuracy of +/- 2% RH right out of the box
  • Reads remotes within a 60 ft. range
  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly open your humidor, which can cause large fluctuations
  • Ability to monitor up to 3 humidors
  • Customizable high/low alarms alert you if your cigars are not in an optimal environment
  • Base unit features clock and displays both °F and °C
  • Scientifically developed for accuracy and dependability so you can be confident that your investment is safe
Relax, XIKAR has you covered!

2014 XIKAR Events

There are a lot of great events for you to check out and get some awesome XIKAR deals! To hear about all of the latest events/news, visit our tab for Events on Here are a few coming up from our XIKAR retailers:

11/28 Emerson's Cigars
Virginia Beach, VA 11AM-2PM
11/28 Emerson's Cigars
Hampton, VA 5PM-8PM
11/28 En Fuego Tobacco Shop
Rockwall, TX 1PM-6PM
11/28 Smoking Cave Cigars
Highlands Ranch, CO 6AM-8PM
12/3 Davidus Cigars
Gaithersburg, MD 4PM-7PM
12/4 Davidus Cigars
Ellicott City, MD 4PM-7PM
12/4 Island Girl Cigar Bar
Jacksonville, FL 5PM-8PM
12/4 Joseph's Cigars
Richmond, TX 5PM
12/5 Blue Havana II 
Alpharetta, GA 4PM-8PM
12/5 Davidus Cigars
Annapolis, MD 4PM-7PM
12/5 King Corona
Tampa, FL 6PM-10PM
12/6 Briar Shoppe
Houston, TX 12PM-7PM
12/6 Flame Fine Cigars
Port Jefferson, NY 3PM-7PM
12/6 Outlaw Cigar Company
Overland Park, KS 11AM-5PM
12/6 Outman Knife & Cigars
Greenville, SC 3PM-7PM
12/6 Outman Cigar & Martini Bar
Greenville, SC 8PM-10PM
12/8 John B. Hayes
Fairfax, VA 5PM-8PM
12/9 Anstead's Tobacco
Fayetteville, NC 5PM-8PM
12/9 Nat Sherman
New York, New York 12PM-6PM
12/10 Outland Cigars
Charlotte, NC 6PM-9PM
12/10 Smoker Friendly
Aurora, CO 5PM-8PM
12/11 Emerson's Cigars
Hampton, VA 12PM-8PM
12/11 Famous Smoke Shop
Easton, PA 5PM-8PM
12/11 The Cigar Room
Lee's Summit, MO 5PM-8PM
12/11 Smoker Friendly
Thorton, CO 4:30PM-7:30PM
12/12 Barclay Rex, Broad Street
New York, New York 11AM-6PM
12/12 Godfather Cigars
Jacksonville, NC 4PM-8PM
12/12 The Cigar Shop
Biloxi, MS 5PM-8PM
12/12 Havana Manor
Longmont, CO 4PM-8PM
12/13 The Maduro Room
Lexington, SC 12PM-5PM
12/13 Stag Tobacconist
Colorado Springs, CO 11AM-4PM
12/19 Cigars International
Bethlehem, PA 6PM-8PM
12/19 8 to 8 Cigars
Villa Park, IL 5PM-9PM
12/20 Cigars International
Hamburg, PA 12PM-4PM
12/20 Up in Smoke
Clarksville, TN 2PM-5PM
12/28 Barclay Rex, 42nd Street
New York, New York 11AM-6PM


Testimonial of the Month

Just wanted to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the service and quality of XIKAR. I was given my lighter as a gift on my 40th birthday and it has been my constant companion since five years. I recently had to send it in for repair and was surprised and pleased to be sent a new lighter. Xikar truly stands behind their product and I would have no other. In this day and age it is so hard to find a quality product and company XIKAR excels in both areas. XIKAR has earned my respect. Thank You.

Brian S. 
Corona, CA

Share your own experience with the XIKAR Nation. Submit your testimonial here!

Over the past two weeks, our XIKAR Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been polling the XIKAR Nation to find out what they are most thankful for. We appreciate the feedback form everyone who participated, and want to recognize some of our favorite comments:
"My wonderful family, good whiskey, good cigars and my trusty XIKAR lighter and cutter. All of which I spend quality time with on a regular basis!" 
-jmodz_cigar, Instagram

"Long nights with good cigars and my husband's old friends all finally home from deployment. The good life."
-jennigeorgia, Instagram
Chris D., Facebook
"I'm thankful for being able to take the time out of my work to have a cigar with my dad and brother and catch up on our days."
-Brian_M_R, Twitter
"Cigars and scotch, for when the in-laws are in town."
-Jacob S., Facebook
"Life and all it brings!"
-p415b, Instagram

"Good drinks. Better cigars. The best of friends."
-stevedex197, Instagram
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