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XIKAR February 2012
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Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:

      We are thrilled for 2012 to be a celebration of XIKAR Nation! Events, contests and awards will highlight our community of enthusiasts

 throughout the year and in this month's newsletter, you can learn about becoming a part of it.


      XIKAR Nation is more than just a group of our consumers. This is a group of aficionados dedicated to a lifestyle with extraordinary experience in every smoke. XIKAR Nation has become an elite assembly of cigar enthusiasts that we are extremely proud to have represent our company all around the world.


      XIKAR Nation consumers use XIKAR For Life! Consider signing up now, for there is more fame, (and some fortune) to come in the future!

In this newsletter, you will learn more about XIKAR Nation through testimonials, contest winners and many upcoming events. Also, read about one airman's career that landed him a spot in our XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame carrying XIKAR on over 1,000 traps (landings) on 11 different aircraft carriers!





Kurt Van Keppel

President & Founder

XIKAR, Inc. 

 What's NewWhatsNew

Metro Cigars awards Alan Gold 
Alan Gold with Metro Cigar Owners, Jennifer & Paul

       Every year, Metro Cigars in Wisconsin presents a Supplier of the Year Award. This year's winner was our very own, Alan Gold. Congratulations, Alan!


"The winner of this award has demonstrated an excellent partnership with our store by working with us on promotions, follow up on day-to day activities, and effectiveness of events. Alan did a great job in 2011 in all aspects, especially going above and beyond getting product for our Havana Collection event.

He has always gotten back to us in a timely manner on any questions or concerns we may have. He makes it easy for us to do business with XIKAR!" -Metro Cigars, Wisconsin

The Briar Shoppe wins Showcase Award
      XIKAR's Jim Harrison visited The Briar Shoppe in Houston, TX. Pictured here is Jim with Lotte and Lori from The Briar Shoppe. The display cabinet is an awesome representation of XIKAR accessories and HC cigars. A big shout-out to The Briar Shoppe for a beautiful display case! 






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How to Care for your XIKAR Butane Lighter 

      Jet flame lighters are the fighter planes of lighters. They require the highest quality butane, anything else is like putting diesel fuel into an F16! XIKAR offers the highest quality of butane available in its PUROFINE™ Premium Butane. Our butane's low level of impurities (less than 20 parts per million!) is the cleanest available and will help keep your lighter functioning properly for years of use.   



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News & FeaturesNewsFeatures

Upcoming Events


Who's your Paddy?! It's that time of year to prepare for the holiday filled with luck, shamrocks, green attire and beer. But most importantly, facial hair. In honor of St. Patrick's impressive beard, we are looking for the best beard and cigar combo. Throw your razor in the drawer and send us a picture at info@xikar.com of your impressive facial hair smoking a stogie by March 17th 12:00 a.m. CST. The winner of a brand new Xi1 Shade Tobacco Leaf Camo Cutter will be announced on St. Patrick's Day! 


Winner of Valentine's Day Contest: How much do you love XIKAR? 
Jeff McDowell of California, "I love XIKAR more than Kurt Van Keppel does." Congratulations on your new Xi1 Red Cutter Jeff!

40's Guys Video featuring XIKAR
      Blast back to the 1940's with Kurt's brother-in-law, Michael Coulter, and his friends. In this episode, they find themselves enjoying good cigars, scotch and conversation about Osama Bin Laden's hiding spot. But guess what, that isn't the end of the story-turns out Osama had a bit of interesting material with him. Check out this hilarious episode of the 40's Guys, "Osama's Porn Stash!" P.S. Don't miss the XIKAR spot!  
The 40s Guys #1: Osama's Porn Stash!
The 40s Guys #1: Osama's Porn Stash!
XIKAR Product ReviewsProductReviews

HC Series Salomon Limitado Review by Seth's Humidor

I am going to skip formal introductions with this cigar and get right to it. For the past couple months I have been smoking my way through the XIKAR HC Series Salomon Limitado cigars that I have, and I have been finding that I am enjoying the cigar more and more...

Read more at http://www.sethshumidor.com/2012/01/cigar-review-xikar-hc-series-salomon.html


Cigar Press Magazine Interview with Kurt and Scott

An exclusive personal interview the two original XIKAR founders. Get exclusive personal details of innovation, customer service, and the founding of XIKAR from Kurt and Scott themselves.

Read the full interview at http://cigarpress.com/xikar-interview-vol-v-issue-i


Stratosphere Lighter Review by Truly GC

The Stratosphere lighter from XIKAR takes quality to a new level, that level being a great lighter for anyone who loves the outdoors but does not want to take an elegant lighter to the woods. The Stratosphere has a protective rubber body that stands up to those hunting trips, hiking trails, or if you work in construction, it can take the hard work you go through each day...

Read more at http://www.gcpuffs.com/2011/10/xikar-stratosphere-lighter.html

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 XIKAR NationXikarNation

 XIKAR Nation


XIKAR For Life Nominees

XIKAR Hall of Fame icon

XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame is designed to recognize an individual(s) who         demonstrate exceptional passion and commitment to XIKAR. Nominees are   selected based on their affiliation with XIKAR plus their support and commitment    for the cigar industry. Nominees must meet XIKAR's eligibility guidelines. You can submit nominations to XIKAR at info@xikar.com.


XIKAR's 5th Hall of Fame Inductee  

Capt. Daniel (Dozer) Dwyer

Capt. Daniel Dwyer
      We are proud to announce our newest member of the XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame, Captain Daniel Dwyer. He is a native of Alameda, CA and a 1988 graduate of the California Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and a Third Mates License in the Merchant Marine. 
      In 2009, Dwyer purchased his first XIKAR product, an Xi1 Redwood cutter that he still uses today. His first lighter bought was the Executive but he just couldn't stop there. Capt. Dwyer became an avid XIKAR fan when he first laid his hands on a brand new Element lighter. "It's my pride and joy. All my friends complain when their lighters stop working, so I let them use my Element. They are all instantly hooked," Dwyer said. 
      Dwyer's Element goes everywhere with him, even on deployments. While on the USS George Bush in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, the lighter had a small piece break off of the top. Thinking it was hopeless, Dwyer decided to take his chances and send in his precious Element from the sea to the XIKAR headquarters in Kansas City. In three weeks, he received a brand new one on the aircraft carrier. "Another lighter company that claims to have a warranty took eight weeks to repair a lighter when I was on land, so I was definitely impressed," Dwyer said. 
      "I have always raved about XIKAR's excellent customer service and it's one of the reasons why I'm a XIKAR man now through and through," Dwyer said. 
     We are extremely excited to have Capt. Daniel Dwyer as our newest member of the XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame. He has accumulated over 3000 F-18 flight hours, and over 1000 carrier arrested landings on 11 different aircraft carriers. Dwyer is married to the former Christina Picinich from Alameda, CA and they have three great children, Thomas, Kennedy and Rachel. He is currently home until he will start to prepare for another deployment at the end of this year.
To read more about Capt. Dwyer's impressive career, check out our blog next week at www.blog.xikar.com

dan 2












XIKAR LifeLine
What does XIKAR For Life mean to you?

      "As a XIKAR consumer, XIKAR for Life to me means two things; first is that I will use XIKAR for Life. When I find something that works I stick with it, and Xikar works for me. Although I receive different cutters and lighters as gifts, I will always use a XIKAR cutter.

The second thing, XIKAR for Life means to me is assurance. I know that all of my XIKAR products will not fail or break at the slightest bump, I know that they will take a beating.           Furthermore, I know that if at some point my XIKAR products have had enough and they need to be taken care of, I know that I can send them to XIKAR completely hassle free and I know I am guaranteed to get back a fixed or new product.

      The bottom line is that XIKAR products are quality, look great, make a statement to other cigar smokers and are guaranteed to work for you. If not, XIKAR will make sure they work for you. Not many things these days come with peace of mind, but as long as you have a XIKAR anything you will be fine. I do recommend having at least two XIKAR products so when you do have to send something in you are not without a quality tool.

As I like to say XIKAR lighters will take a hit and stay lit. And a XIKAR cutter, well just seeing a cutter says all that needs to be said."


Jeff McDowell

XIKAR Hall of Fame Member and Customer for Life


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Thanks again to the entire XIKAR Nation for your much appreciated support. Until next month, continue to enjoy your passion for fine cigars and accessories. 

Our Commitmentxikarforlife
We never waiver in our commitment to offering you top quality leisure toolsXIKAR for Life logo that enhance your lifestyle. So you can buy with confidence, we back all our products for life and welcome any suggestions and concerns. If you feel that a XIKAR product fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish or function, simply return it to us and we will immediately and cheerfully repair or replace your product under our Lifetime Guarantee.

About XIKAR, Inc. 

From its Kansas City headquarters, XIKAR is the world's leading manufacturer of cigar cutters, including the well-recognized Xi cigar cutter, along with a full line of cigar accessories, lighters and humidification devices and containers.


XIKAR cigar cutters and accessories are sold through more than 3,000 dealers worldwide. With even more product and service introductions planned, XIKAR strives to lead the market in providing quality and innovative cigar accessories now, and in the years to come.



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