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Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   


New Product Review 

XIKAR President: Kurt Van KeppelFrom Texas to South Dakota, Washington to New Hampshire, last month's events had no boundaries. Across the country, we are spreading the success of XIKAR For Life and sharing our love of the leaf. I hear that our innovation and quality continues to bolster the promise of our Lifetime Warranty. New product innovation is a key focus for us and we strive to provide the same benefits we look for when making our own personal purchases. We know from experience and customer surveys that you expect reliable product performance, fair price, and dependability. 

tech 2 All three of these characteristics encompass our new Tech Lighter that arrived in July 2011. This single jet flame lighter has a durable body style that achieves our commitment to form, feel and function. The Tech's sleek, transparent body fits in your hand and is guaranteed to improve your smoking experience with capacity and reliability.  

tech 4 

An Eventful Purpose

Cigar smoking is like any other crazed passion, you are always surrounded with people from all walks of life sharing one common interest. Regardless of what XIKAR cutter or lighter you are using to light up that Grande or Robusto, camaraderie is ever-present among cigar enthusiasts. At XIKAR, we are not just in the cigar and accessory business, we are in the camaraderie business. Employing camaraderie has a unique connection to our charity efforts, which has helped us support some meaningful causes. Our most recent charity effort  is raising money for autism, a cause that is close to many of us at XIKAR. My good friends at En Fuego,( Rockwall, TX) were looking for a partner for their 4th Annual Golf Classic, on October 28, 2011.  It didn't take long to gain my support. I knew raising money for autism was the right decision and the right cause.  My passion and commitment for finding medical cures and training for autism is for life.   


Between September 1st and December 30th, XIKAR will host over 50 HC Series cigar events plus a charity golf tournament.  Before you flood my email about sponsoring a golf tournament, let me set the stage.  As many of you know, I'm not a low-handicap golf enthusiast, but Jerry Dear and Bob Moreno are.   


In this month's newsletter, learn more about some exciting advancements and product development in accessories and cigars. For more detailed information, please visit our website, blog, Facebook and join the XIKAR Nation. We hope to see you at our next event!


en fuego flyer

4th Annual Golf Classic


Kurt Van Keppel at En Fuego


Thank you.    




Kurt Van Keppel

President & Founder




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News & Featuresnews  

XIKAR's HC Series Salomon Limitado Cigar salomonReview by SmokingStogie.com  

As I stated in the intro notes, I have always enjoyed the regular HC series Habano Colorado line.  This was a similar experience, and the Salomon had all of the flavors that I enjoy.  It was balanced with pepper beautifully. I liked how it started out as a solid medium body cigar and then slowly rose to a medium-full body cigar. I tend to have bad luck with Salomons in general because they always tend to burn a little wacky.  Cutting them a little at the foot to get a better burn but with XIKAR's Salomon, I lit it as is and had a great experience construction wise.  



It's hard not to love the look of a Salomon and this one is no different, it has a really nice Colorado Shade wrapper with a perfect red/brown tint, minimal veins and a seamless wrap. The cigar is firm but has a little bit of give, a uniform feel with no soft spots and a nice slow taper. This cigar sports two bands, one traditional one up towards the head and a secondary band at the bulbous part of the foot showing some Havana Series art. It smells wonderful. It's a sweet, sort of tart aroma, very pleasant and there are also subtle notes of tobacco, leather and milk chocolate.   

Final Smoking time was 1 hour 40 mins. 

Review By Steve Valle, SmokingStogie.com    

  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano Colorado
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras 
  • Size: 7 Inches
  • Ring Gauge: 58
  • Vitola: Salomon
  • Est. Price: $10
  • Release Date: November 2011

news2XIKAR Goes Monster at Two Guys Scott A.   monster

Last month, Scott Almsberger, Executive Vice President, hit the road and spent three fantastic days in the great northeast with David Garofalo, Two Guys Smoke Shop.  For three consecutive days, Aug. 18th to 20th, each Two Guys   Smoke Shop did an HC Series cigar event, but that was only half the story.  David Garafello and his staff turned a typical cigar event into a major production. When the MONSTER MAYHEM Truck rolled up, the smoke shop went crazy. This is what men and boys live for... horsepower, open headers, big tires, great cigars and three days at Two Guys with friends.  XIKAR Nation crushes the competition!


XIKAR Supports Seattle Cigar Expo Seattle Cigar Expo  seattle

In the heart of Seattle and at the home of the famed Space Needle - for one day, Seattle Center was transformed into Seattle's Biggest Cigar Lounge. Benefactor was CIGAR RIGHTS OF AMERICA.  Approximately 2,500 adults converged for a weekend of bliss and indulgence through lifestyle vendors, cigar retailers, fine cuisine, premium spirits and wine tastings from around the Pacific Northwest.  The goal was to ply their passion for cigars, reunite with old friends, make new friends and celebrate the cigar culture.  It was a great event and we look forward to 2012. 


Snoqualmie Casino, Lit Lounge & XIKAR casino

If the sweet smell of success brings to mind a fine, hand-rolled cigar, you were among friends at Lit, one of Washington State's premier cigar lounges. The walk-in humidor at Lit features the best selection of premium cigars.  XIKAR rep, Woody Brown and Jerry Dear, EVP, fell in love with the gracious hospitality and the beautiful setting.

3 customers in seattle
Lily came to fill her travel case with cigars 
Lit Cigar Lounge

Town & Country and XIKAR HC Series Eventtown Review by Teresa, Smoking Hot Cigar Chick 

"Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the XIKAR HC Series Cigar event at  Town and Country Cigars in Euless, TX. It is a special treat when you can enjoy a cigar and cocktail together.  Even better when you are surrounded by truly amazing people! The humidor and cigar selection was beautiful, and the hospitality was first class.  Featured at the event was the complete HC Series cigar collection as well as the newest accessories from XIKAR.  I got to enjoy one of my personal favorite pairings too. In the bar (yes, there is a nice bar in the back) is my favorite whiskey- the Yamazaki 18. It paired absolutely beautifully with the HC Series Habano Colorado I was smoking and definitely a pairing I will be doing again. If you are ever in the Dallas area, this is a must visit shop.  Mike Peacock and his staff will make you feel at home. I want to thank everyone at XIKAR and at Town & Country Cigars for puting together a wonderful event and for having me as a guest!"

JD in texas w smoking chcik

Jerry Dear, Jim Harrison, Smoking Hot Cigar Chick and Town & Country staff


Amboina Wood Restricted

For amboina wood lovers and holiday shoppers, XIKAR was notified that due to tightened government restrictions, and limited supplies of exotic hard woods, all Amboina products have been discontinued. This will impact the XIKAR Xi3 Amboina Cutter and Amboina Envoy. XIKAR is aggressively searching for alternative solutions and considering other wood products. Good news... XIKAR will continue to stock both the Bocote and Cocobolo cutters and envoys.  Both exotic woods are available at your local retailer and perfect gifts for the holidays -- while they last! 

                       Bocote Wood Cutter

                      Exotic Woods - Bocote and Cocobolo  




What's New!       

XIKAR Launches New Online Return Documentwhatsnew    

Customers and consumers tell us there is something very special about buying a product that promises a Lifetime Guarantee.  Most customers are amazed to learn that XIKAR's Lifetime Guarantee provides for 100% product repair or replacement for as long as they own the cutter, lighter or accessory.  In today's economy, a Lifetime Guarantee is a rarity and we are proud to live up to our promise Our Lifetime Guarantee develops a trusting relationship between our retailers and consumers.  We firmly believe that we have built a solid reputation for quality and customer service.  To ensure all returns are handled properly, we have added an online return document that will help us track your return and guarantee delivery as quickly as possible. The best just got better. 

XIKAR Warranty Registration Web Page

Warranty Registration Page


Consumer Product Return Form

Product Return Form


XIKAR Uxikaru

How to Light a Salomon Cigar and Replace Flint in a Scribe Lighter   

Scott Almsberger demonstrates how to light a new HC Series Salomon Limitado Cigar, plus how to replace the flint in a XIKAR Scribe Pipe Lighter.   

XIKAR's new Salomon Limitado cigar will be shipped to tobacconists in mid-November. XIKAR only produced 1,000 boxes of this special blend.

HC Series Cigars Limited Edition Salomon and Cigar Lighting


How to Light a HC Series Cigars Limited Edition Salomon  

How to Use and Replace a Flint in XIKAR Scribe Lighter

How to Use and Replace a Flint in XIKAR Scribe Pipe Lighter



towatchWhat2 Watch4 - Consumers & Retailers       

Deadwood Tobacco Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Deadwood Tobacco near Sturgis broke record sales this year!  Scott Almsberger, XIKAR EVP, and Jerry Yang, owner of Jerry's Cigar in Tuscon, AZ, did their share of cigar smoking, fly fishing and maybe a kilt or two.  Attendance in Sturgis appeared soft, but John & Vaughn Boyd, Deadwood Tobacco owners found the real lovers of the leaf.  Deadwood is a must see destination when you're biking through Sturgis.  The interesting sights during bike week, make the cigar experience (with kilt) much more enjoyable.  That's the story going around the office... 


scott and gang #1

Scott Almsberger and Sturgis


yang deadwood

Jerry Yang shares cigar

moment with a local

scott and tat mman
Tempting, but no more tattoos
bikes at dead 

Sturgis roll call!


FACEBOOK Contest Winners!contest 

Here are the WINNERS from last month's Read & Reward Contest. The lawn mower photograph, starring Scott & Kaitlyn Hicks, was the most creative photo, but all of the photos were winners.  We hope the winners enjoyed their new XIKAR lighter.  Look for more exciting contests on Facebook... read on! 

kelly read winner

Kelly Cavalli, Nixa MO


Alex-Scarsella, Canada

yellloe reader

Larry Green,  WI

cop and mag

Lance Sides, Katy TX

yard and lawn guy

Scott Hicks and Kaitlyn Hicks 

jm front pg

Jeff McDowell, CA


Upcoming FACEBOOK Contestsupcoming

  • Dress For Success Halloween Costume 
  • Rings & Things  
  • What You Smokin' Turkey 
  • Dessert & Cigar
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!  
  • What Office Party
  • Where Did Your Ball Drop
  • Hell With Snow, I'm Smoking Naked  



 XIKAR Nation





XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame Nominees 

XIKAR Hall of Fame icon

XIKAR For Life Hall of Fame Award is designed to recognize an individual or individuals who demonstrate exceptional passion and commitment to XIKAR.  Nominees are selected based on their affiliation with XIKAR plus their support and commitment for the cigar industry.  Nominees must meet XIKAR's eligibility guidelines, and  retailers/consumers can submit their HOF recommendations to XIKAR at info@xikar.com.   


XIKAR's 4th Hall of Fame Inductee  

Mr. Robbie Mortonxination2 

rob #2

Jerry, Robbie, David

Congratulations to XIKAR's Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Robbie Morton.  Robbie is a

loyal fan of the XIKAR brand ever since being introduced to XIKAR as a consumer many years ago.  Today, Robbie is a retailer in Pensacola Florida, Cordova Cigars. He supports every aspect of XIKAR's product portfolio and will for life!    

Here is a special story from Robbie -  "Many years ago, when I was still a consumer and never knew I would eventually be a tobacconist with my own store one day, my friends used cheap disposable cutters and were very hesitant to spend $40 - $80 for a cigar cutter.  I owned several XIKAR models at the time (at 18 years of age) and told them that if they bought a XIKAR cutter and were not 110% satisfied, that I would buy the cutter from them for what they paid for it.  I would simply add it to my XIKAR collection.  I never had to take anyone who purchased a cutter up on that offer!  Everyone loved the XIKAR products.  That is a personal guarantee that speaks for itself. I definitely believe in XIKAR For Life and am truly humbled and honored that Kurt, Scott Jerry and Bob recognize my dedication to XIKAR enough to nominate me to the XIKAR Nation Hall of Fame.   

Thank you with all of my heart and here's to many more years of extremely successful business together!"

-Robbie Morton, Cordova Cigars


            rob#1   rob


Future Hall Of Fame Announcements!

Next XIKAR Hall of Fame Inductee, Capt. Daniel W. Dwyer, DCAG CVW-8




Thank You XIKAR from the USS George Bushtroop1   

Capt. Dan Dwyer has a reason to celebrate. aca troops

"Thursday at-sea aboard the USS George HW Bush, is very much anticipated because it usually means 'mail call.'  When I returned to my office there was a box postmarked from XIKAR.  I was so excited, it felt like Christmas morning. And when I opened the box, it truly was Christmas morning.  How generous and thoughtful you were to think of the cigar aficionados here on the USS George Bush. I knew what a high quality item from XIKAR would mean to my fellow aviators. I distributed the swag to a very grateful group of Naval Aviators and went to the top of the island and enjoyed the sunset, flight ops and an HC Series cigar.  It was fantastic, I am a fan for life."  -Dwyer


dozer 1 dozer3

dozer2 dozer 5


XIKAR Accessories Featured at Express Daysfeatured 

This month, XIKAR participates in an event in Lenexa, Kansas called Express Days.  Robert Ralph, President & CEO contacted Kurt Van Keppel and the two long-time friends agreed the opportunity was mutually beneficial.  XIKAR knew the target audience (no pun intended) would welcome our participation and the gathering was a good fit for XIKAR cigar accessories.  The event was held Sept. 23 - 24th.   

express supply 15% off



HC Series Cigar Newshcnews

Cigar Factory Outlet / Quality Fresh & XIKAR Party in Sterling Heights   

Alan Gold, XIKAR's midwest Sales Manager continues to build a strong brand presence for HC Series cigars in his region.  Last month, Alan had a XIKAR HC Series cigar event at Jenuwine's Cigar Factory Outlet in Sterling Heights, MI.  HC Series cigars were a huge success.  Tom Paull and staff did an excellent job and big Al is already booking next year's event.  


cigar factory outlet


New HC Series Cigar Tri-Fold Brochurebrochure  

XIKAR is the cigar industry's leading accessory company, and we are also true lovers of the leaf. When the time came to share our love for cigars, all roads led to our friends in the cigar industry.  We now offer customers the unforgettable cigar collection of our dreams.   You will find HC Series cigars in over 600 boutique smoke shops and tobacconists.  Capture the Spirit of Havana, One Cigar at a Time. Go online at www.xikar.com and click on HC Series Cigars for product information and events. 


  coverbroch pg 2 bor brch pg  



spread 4
HC Series Cigar Events in November

Nov. 3rd    Cigars on Sixth               Denver, CO
Nov. 3rd    Truly Cigars                    Florence, AL
Nov. 5th    Metro Cigar                    Germantown, WI
Nov. 9th    Havana Connections        Richmnod, VA
Nov. 11th   Top Shelf                       Epping, NH
Nov. 11th   Cigari Cigars                  E. Ontario, CA 
Nov. 12th   Tobacco World               Marietta, GA
Nov. 12th   St. Augustine Tobacco    St. Augustine, FL
Nov. 18th   Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco  Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 18th   Tinder Box                     Fairview Heights, IL
Nov. 19th   Smoke Inn                     Pompano, FL
Nov. 25th   Emerson's Cigars            Norfolk, VA




HabanosNut Reviews Stratosphere Lighter

Good review on XIKAR's stratosphere lighter. Thank you gentlemen.


stratos blog


SmokeShop Magazine Features SMOKE SHOP #1


In the August issue of SmokeShop Magazine, they feature the 2011 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show: New Chapter Begins.  Congratulations to newly-appointed C.E.O. Bill Spann, whose government expertise will help usher in a new era for the association.  Best wishes and a thank you to retiring IPCPR Director, Joe Rowe for his ten years of leadership and unmatched commitment to the association.  XIKAR HC Series cigars, new humidification cigar bar and Matt Booth Room 101 cutters were a nice addition to this month's issue as well.

          Smokeshop XIKAR Feature    Smokeshop XIKAR Feature



Our Commitmentxikarforlife
We never waiver in our commitment to offering you top quality leisure toolsXIKAR for Life logo that enhance your lifestyle. So you can buy with confidence, we back all our products for life and welcome any suggestions and concerns. If you feel that a XIKAR product fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish or function, simply return it to us and we will immediately and cheerfully repair or replace your product under our Lifetime Guarantee.

About XIKAR, Inc. 

From its Kansas City headquarters, XIKAR is the world's leading manufacturer of cigar cutters, including the well-recognized Xi cigar cutter, along with a full line of cigar accessories, lighters and humidification devices and containers.


XIKAR cigar cutters and accessories are sold through more than 3,000 dealers worldwide. With even more product and service introductions planned, XIKAR strives to lead the market in providing quality and innovative cigar accessories now, and in the years to come.



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