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Dear XIKAR Customers and Friends:   


New Catalog / QR Codes

XIKAR President: Kurt Van Keppel

In the May newsletter, I mentioned the dot-com phenomena and the profound advancements of the Internet super-highway.  These advancements are very apparent and noticeable in our new 2011 XIKAR Product Catalog.  Our eCatalog will be available online again this year, and the inclusion of QR Codes (quick response codes - links to video) allows XIKAR customers and consumers to have instant access to video content plus instruction about cigars.  Most smartphones can access free QR Code applications which allows instant upload of video content.   If you are not familiar with QR Codes, they are simply a quick and efficient 'tell me more' mechanism.  Scan away in the new catalog and learn how to properly cut, light, store and humidify your favorite HC Series cigars.  Click the images below to view the new catalog online.  

     2011 XIKAR catalog  Xi 2011 Catalog lighter page    Xi 2011 Humidification page

Fall Catalog        QR Code "How To Light"    QR Code " How to Humidify"



I recently attended a fantastic event XIKAR at Tobacco Plaza, Great Neck, NY.  The entire event was top-notch; customers thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie while indulging in a few good cigars.  Let me extend a warm thank you to Marshall Holman,  Danny Ditkowich & company for inviting XIKAR to the party!


In July the entire XIKAR staff will be attending the 79th Annual IPCPR Convention & International Trade Show in Las Vegas.  The IPCPR is the most important event of the year for tobacconists and the trade.  For XIKAR, IPCPR trade show is our Super Bowl: months of research, product development and ideation come to fruition at this trade show.  This year, XIKAR will introduce a collection of lighters and cutters targeted to the demands of our discerning consumers, from mountain top to the jet-set.   


Since we introduced the Limited Xi3 Pave Diamond CuttersEdition Tobacco Leaf cutter last year, and most recently the 
3D Mayan cutter
, our customers and consumers continue to demand new designs.  I am proud to respond to them with 
our new Pavé Diamond Collection, that more than meet the challenge!  Paths of gorgeous stones swelling from high-polished stainless design make this collection the best way to 'Cut the Deal!' Peruse the Fall Catalog and What's New section for some great gift-giving ideas.                            


Thank you and enjoy the rest of the newsletter.   

XIKAR For Life.




Kurt Van Keppel

President & Founder



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News & Featuresnews  

XIKAR's Spectacular Fall Catalog

XIKAR's new 2011 Product Catalog is now available XIKAR 2011 Catalogonline at www.xikar.com.  The new catalog is filled with the latest cigar accessories, XIKAR apparel, descriptions of your favorite HC Series cigars and new collections featuring Matt Booth's Room 101 cutters, XIKAR's Diamond Series, high altitude lighters and many collectible items for any cigar aficionado or special someone.    


Now you can: 

  • E-mail XIKAR's eCatalog to your friends and club members
  • Click on the pages, view all products and print a copy of your favorite accessory 
  • Scan the QR Codes and view educational "how to" videos (5 videos)
  • Browse the entire XIKAR catalog at your leisure and select the accessories for your next purchase
             XIKAR Catalog lighter page        XIKAR Catalog lighter page

Fall Catalog Contest   

We had numerous responses from our recent online catalog contest. The top three winners (editors-for-the-day) were; Jeremy Bloom, Jake Payne, and Rudy Regehr.  All three winners provided some excellent edits and editorial comments.  Everyone who participated in the catalog contest won a XIKAR gift.  Thank you again for proofing our new catalog.  


XIKAR Pipe Lighters Are A Big HitPromo2

XIKAR's Alan Gold recently attended the pipe show in Chicago.

XIKAR FSR Alan Gold XIKAR Accessories

                         Alan Gold, XIKAR's Midwest Sales Rep


New XIKAR Team Membernews3   

Two month's ago, Mr. Kelly Enter joined the XIKAR organization. Kelly comes to XIKAR with an extensive background in cigars and various sales positions. Kelly's territory includes Georgia, Northern Alabama, Carolina's, Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia.  Kelly comes to XIKAR with an extensive background in cigars and various sales positions.  Please welcome Kelly to the XIKAR family... and he's lovin' it!


    Enter, Kelly EnterTruily Cigars in Marietta, GA

        Lunch break or new Ronald?        XIKAR lounge in Truly Cigars, Marietta, GA 



XIKAR Uprofessor 

Smoking Hot Cigar Chick Reviews Portable  Ashtray Can                                                 XIKAR's portable ashtray can continues to be the hottest accessory in 2011. According Teresa, "the first time I saw XIKAR's new ashtray can I knew I had to have one. It is a portable ashtray designed to fit in the console of your car and is great for the cigar smoker on the go. One of my favorite uses for it, is taking it with me to the patios of local restaurants and cafes where smoking is welcomed, but ashtrays are not provided. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to play the balancing act trying to rest my cigar on the edge of the table while I take a bite of food or a sip of my drink. It isn't fun and becomes a distraction. With XIKAR's portable ashtray can, I can now just set my cigar down without a worry and because of the design, it doesn't take up much space.  If you enjoy smoking a cigar in the car or outside on the patio, at home, at a restaurant, or by the pool, then this is for you. I have been so excited to

get my hands on one and now I finally have it! "Go ahead, show it off.  It is the must have accessory your car has been waiting for".   

Big shout-out to Teresa and Tim for their awesome editorial and honest review.

Video: Smoking Hot Chick reviews XIKAR Ash Can Ashtray Can

Favorited on www.youtube.com


ac 1


Stainless steel ashtray cans - perfect for any cup holder


Consumer & Retailer

The Great Cigar For Everyone Contesthcnews1

Capturing The Spirit of Havana... on Film

In May - June, XIKAR launched a consumer contest promoting and featuring HC Series cigars.  Consumers, fans and friends had a chance to win a FREE XIKAR single flame Inpress Lighter by purchasing three HC Series cigars and by submitting a photograph. We received some awesome photos from consumers all around the country and we will publish them on our blog in July.  The photo below was submitted by Scott Silva.  Special thanks to all of the photographers and HC cigar smokers.


great contest1

HC Series Cigar ammo

Great Cigar Contest & Grand Prize Winner, Scott Silva




What's New...Displays & Accessories      XIKAR's New Tri-Level Displaywhatsnew1

XIKAR's new Tri-Level Acrylic Display offers retailers a wide range of merchandising options inside the display tower or under the glass.  Tri-level displays work well in any location and keeps the focus on the product. Perfect for collections of lighters and cutters.  Available now! 

tri level 2

XIKAR's Tri-Level Acrylic Display

New Grip Displaywhatsnew2

Grasp the Opportunity to Increase Sales       XIKAR's new grip display is a soft cushion surface that grips product at the perfect viewing angle.  Non-skid construction is ideal for XIKAR cutters and lighters.  Available now! 

grip 2


New XTX Double & Single Lighters whatsnew3

Team Performance.                                                            XIKAR has just expanded the XTX series.  XTX Lighters are now available in single flame and double flame, for any cigar occasion.  You now have a choice of a triple jet flame tabletop, the new double jet and single jet pocket lighters. Guaranteed for life - reliable and beautiful... all in the family.  Available in late July.

xtx family

XIKAR's XTX Lighter SRP $29.99



Matt Booth

Room 101 Collectionwhatsnew4                                                   XIKAR and Matt Booth both possess the capacity to deliver luxury and inspired design.  Room 101 is the luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge.  Matt's new cutter collection features four unique designs:   JYA, The FU,  NIO and Bling-Tastic.  Available in late July. 

         Room 101 Xi1 Cutters Xi1 Room 101 Cutters

                            Room 101 Collection SRP $69.99

   straos black

New Stratosphere Lighterwhatsnew5 

High Altitude Performance  

XIKAR's new high altitude lighter has a turbo flame, protective rubber body, large fuel window and durable lanyard.  High altitude to XIKAR means  guaranteed performance at any elevation.  Available in three designs; black, clear and blue.  Great price of $29.99.   Available now! 



Stratosphere Lighter SRP $29.99

New Escalade Lighter whatsnew6

XIKAR's Escalade Lighter is simple, elegant and extremely functional with a streamline body style, dual flame and  large fuel tank window.  The double jet flame lighter boasts a simple push-action ignition and auto retractable lid.  Available in silver, black and polished gunmetal.  Available in late July. 

Escalade Lighter

                                     Escalade SRP $69.99




xinationXIKAR Nation





XIKAR's Hall of Fame Nominees XIKAR Hall of Fame icon

XIKAR Hall of Fame Award is designed to recognize an individual or individuals who demonstrate exceptional passion and commitment to XIKAR.  Nominees are selected based on their affiliation with XIKAR plus their support and commitment for the cigar industry.  Nominees must meet XIKAR's eligibility guidelines and  retailers/consumers can submit their HOF recommendations to XIKAR at info@xikar.com   


XIKAR's 2nd Hall of Fame Inductee Fraser Monkxination2  

Congratulations to XIKAR's Hall of Fame inductee, Fraser Monk.       Fraser has a distinguished background which spans the advertising world. His current position is Sr. Vice President, Chief Creative Officer, Grey Healthcare Group. Fraser is instrumental in building brands like Molson, Club Med, Snapper Lawn Equip, Royal Oak Charcoal, Ocean Pacific, American Outfitters and Colgate-Palmolive.   


Tom Foster and Fraser, Fidel's Westport, KCMO


Fraser's affinity and obsession with XIKAR started a few years ago. Fraser is a serious collector of finer things in life, but his XIKAR collection is one-of-a-kind.  Fraser's local tobacconist and good friend, Tom Foster, Fidel's, KCMO, is instrumental in making sure Fraser has all of the latest accessories.  

Here are a few responses during the interview with XIKAR.

So, what began your love affair with cigars?

I've done a lot of things and I've been a lot of places in the world ... but cigars didn't enter my life until about ten years ago when my business partner, Bryan Archambault - who happens to be a cigar aficionado - introduced me to this exciting, new world of cigars.  Smoking comes naturally to me, and oddly enough, I happen to live down the street from Fidel's Cigar Shop in Westport, KCMO.  Fidel's is owned by Tom Foster, who has recommended and shared in many of my XIKAR memories, and now... I feel lucky to call him and Bob Moreno, Director of Marketing at XIKAR, personal friends.

Why XIKAR?   

To me, not only did XIKAR sound like a samurai sword, but also it reminded me of a long lost Flaming Lips album, or something you might find in Chichen Itza. Luckily for me, I found XIKAR accessories (and now HC cigars) at Fidel's in Westport.  To my delight and pleasure, they happen to be the most incredibly crafted, exquisite lighters, cutters and cigars in the world.  XIKAR's quality and standard is second to none.  Much like smoking a XIKAR cigar, which burns steady, long and smooth, I constantly try to heighten the spirit of anyone in my company.  I believe in sharing in laughter, wine and a great cigar - this is one of many things that can help break down social barriers and help people communicate in a free frame of mind. One quote I truly believe in is, "a small act of kindness goes a long way," in summary... it's fun to have fun.

"Having seen Fraser's XIKAR collection and smoked a few cigars in his exaggerated man cave, Fraser is a serious collector with a fun twist," according to Bob Moreno.  Read more about Fraser Monk and please extend our congrats to The Man, The Myth, The Monk... 



fraser 5BOB AND FARS 

Fraser Monk has a passion for cigars and a $30,000 XIKAR collection! 

Coming Soon!

Future Hall of Fame Inductees, Robbie Morton and Jeff McDowell




XIKAR Supports Kandahar Kougherstroop1

Thanks to Alex Medlin, USA CIV KAF-RCC DFAS, many of our Wounded Warriors and Special Forces Troops that fight everyday get to enjoy a cigar or two and relax.  The Kandahar Koughers appreciate and wish to thank XIKAR for sending packages to our troops.  Learn more about our men and women in Afghanistan

     kandah 4  knday boys             new kanda kk1

                       Kandahar Koughers newsletter & members 


Cigars on the Rangetroop2

XIKAR provides the Tali-Banned Cigar Aficonado Club with refurbished cutters and lighters from our consumer returns every month.  It's great to see our hero's enjoying a few moments with a good cigar and the proper accessories for the job.


 Troops in Kandaharcigar range Tali-Banned get together in Afghanistan     Smoking on the range


      tank cigar tlman2

Our hero's enjoying some cigars




XIKAR Partners With "Cristos for Cristo"  

An Exclusive Scotch & Cigar Tasting Event cristo

Since 2006, Cristo Rey Kansas City has served to break the cycle of poverty through education and meaningful work experience.  This year, Cristos For Cristo hosted their 5th annual "Dancing with the Kansas City Stars."  XIKAR supported the local fund raising event which included our "star" Ken Mallard.  To learn more, visit www.cristoreykc.org.   

           cc rey  cc poster

       Alyssa George, Miss Kansas 2007, presenting XIKAR's Mayan Cutter


Retailers Showcase the Passionbrandlover

          display cab   dcplay2

        Beautiful under glass display   Front counter merchandising works! 


XIKAR "Your Hired"...An Evening to Make Wishes Come True at Trump Hollywoodtrump

South Florida Opulence Magazine approached XIKAR in May about supporting An Evening to Make Wishes Come True event in Hollywood Beach, FL. The fund-raiser was Saturday, June 25th at the exclusive Trump Hollywood luxury condominium. Prominent exposure to affluent guests and helping a great foundation is worth the weight in gold, or in this case, a Mayan Collection and some XIKAR collectibles.

  trump1 trump2   trump3




HC Series Cigar Newshcnews

Retailers Embrace XIKAR's New Great Prices     

Today, XIKAR's HC Series cigars are available in 600 boutique cigar shops around the country and plans are in place for expanded distribution.

XIKAR's new lower prices have made it even easier for customers to enjoy a great premium cigar at a price point that is more affordable in today's economy.  Go online and look for an HC Series cigar event at your local tobacconist. 

     low price1 low price 2

      Local retailer is all smiles about "new" prices and XIKAR For Life


Smoke Magazine Promotes HC Series Cigar Great New Pricessmokemag

Smoke Magazine provided insights into XIKAR's lower prices for HC Series cigars.  The discount ranged from $1.00 - $1.50/stick.  

smoke mag 1

XIKAR HC Series Launching New Cigar Size in 2011newcigar

Look for our news announcement in the coming weeks.  The stage is set for a new cigar size and blend from XIKAR.  This new size is a great addition to our HC Series cigar family.  Jesus Fuego and the factory are gearing up for a major launch this summer.  More detail to follow. 

CIGAR IPCPR     hc June    

  HC Series Cigars Top Ratings           HC Series Cigars & Havana Collection                        





XIKAR Welcomes International Exposure  

XIKAR brand has universal appeal thanks to our distributors around the world and the millions of consumers using XIKAR products.  Big shout-out to our gracious friends in Israel for including XIKAR in their recent publication.  

     Israeli Cigar Magazine mag2


More Brand Awareness Across the Atlantic

Our good friend Amit Yariv is a XIKAR fan for life. 

Cigar Magazine  XIKAR Humidification feature XIKAR Ash Can feature 

       XIKAR humidification & ashtray can featured in Israeli Magazine   




Tobacco Retailer Magazine Features XIKAR Lighterstobaccoretailer  

Top Products.  What people say about XIKAR is that their known for quality and reliability of their products.  XIKAR continues to do well in all categories including cigars. "It didn't take us long to realize that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks our business", according to Scott Almsberger, XIKAR, EVP.

tobac mag 2tobacretmag  


Cigar Press Magazine Captures the Spirit of HC Series Cigarscpress

Thor Nielson, Publisher, Cigar Press Magazine recently visited our corporate office in Kansas City, MO.  Thor and Simon (CP photographer) got a real good flavor of KC BBQ and what it means to be in the "Show Me State".  We had a great time at the cigar dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction about our dynamic industry and mutual friends.  Thor conducted an interview with Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger, which should hit the newsstand in the next issue.   Big thank you and shout-out to Thor for his commitment to our industry and superb editorial.  

Cigar Press Magazine   press cig2



Our Commitmentxikarforlife
We never waiver in our commitment to offering you top quality leisure toolsXIKAR for Life logo that enhance your lifestyle. So you can buy with confidence, we back all our products for life and welcome any suggestions and concerns. If you feel that a XIKAR product fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish or function, simply return it to us and we will immediately and cheerfully repair or replace your product under our Lifetime Guarantee.

About XIKAR, Inc. 

From its Kansas City headquarters, XIKAR is the world's leading manufacturer of cigar cutters, including the well-recognized Xi cigar cutter, along with a full line of cigar accessories, lighters and humidification devices and containers.


XIKAR cigar cutters and accessories are sold through more than 3,000 dealers worldwide. With even more product and service introductions planned, XIKAR strives to lead the market in providing quality and innovative cigar accessories now, and in the years to come.


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