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Hello and welcome to XIKAR Nation.  Here you will find all the latest information on what is happening with XIKAR.  We will be posting Newsletters, Instructional Videos and the latest cigar and accessories news.

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The XIKAR Team

2014 Product Innovation Quiz

Product and Process Excellence
IPCPR and the launch of numerous new items from XIKAR seems like forever ago already.  In the blur of smoke and lights that is Las Vegas, did you get a thorough introduction and learn all of the cleaver tricks that make each item unique?  It's time for a quick quiz!
Did You Know......

- That the X875 cutter features cutting chamber access ports on each side of the cutter that allow tobacco debris to be ejected with each cut?

- That the VX Key Chain cutter has an advanced spring mechanism inside that prevents the cutter from opening in your pocket and also gives it a silky smooth cutting action?

- That the Vintage Bronze finish on the Cirro is applied by hand so no two lighters are the same?

And finally...

- That the PuroTemp System has customizable warnings that can alert you when your humidor requires your attention?

At XIKAR, we go out of our way to design and build products of the highest quality and ultimate convenience so you can have the best smoking experience possible.   

Rob Lembke
VP of Engineering and Process Excellence

September 2014 Newsletter

September 2014
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Kurt's Corner


Recently, reflecting on the power of observation, I have discovered that in so many of life's facets, observation provides the best first step to success.  There's power in doing nothing!

How can this be true in a world of fast-paced go get 'em business?  First, observation requires quiet, which tends to remove ego from the matter.  So, we stop talking when the sale is made, or more importantly, we listen to the customer's suggestion or complaint.  And by doing so, we learn so much about what's working or not. That's why we developed the PuroTemp remote humidification system - by listening to customer desires.

Secondly, observation gives us the opportunity to deploy the trio of great communication: ask, listen and (really) hear.  This is exactly how we understand the needs of others - whether product needs as noted above, or perhaps just individual needs among team mates. Not only does this integration of others' thoughts make them relevant to the discussions (be they inside XIKAR or out), but they also help us to communicate our respect and appreciation for them.

Most importantly, observation, combined with the tools of listening, enables us to achieve collaborative creativity.  And this powerful result has catapulted us into areas we didn't before dream possible.  You can imagine that we accomplish more and better solutions through collaboration.  And more importantly, everyone is part of the process.  Recently, we attended the Intertabak cigar show in Dortmund Germany, where we had the "official" launch of the Allume lighter family.  Our European distributors collaborated with us in the design and color choice of this lighter family - and it is now the #1 selling launch item in the history of XIKAR.

Enjoy the results of our observation process.  And if you have some observations of your own to make, please let us know!


Kurt Van Keppel
President, XIKAR, Inc.

August 2014 Newsletter

August 28, 2014
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Kurt's Corner


Kurt is currently away from the office on a fishing trip, putting his hunting/fishing themed Outdoorsmen Gift Pack to good use! 

We hope you all get to experience a similar escape soon, as the upcoming fall season provides the ultimate weather and activities to enjoy the outdoors and your favorite cigar with friends and family! (Don't worry, XIKAR has developed the perfect accessories to accompany the season as well!)

July 2014 Newsletter


July 31, 2014

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Kurt's Corner
We are back from Las Vegas, and the IPCPR Trade Show
was a tremendous success! Our team works hard all year
to create the newest and most cutting edge cigar
accessories, and this year was no exception. The latest
XIKAR innovations were inspired by beauty and power, from
the heights of mountaintops, to the depths of the ocean.
You will be prepared to take on cigars bigger than you've 
ever imagined
, and will never again find yourself without a
cutter on hand
. Of course, all products exemplify 
superior form, feel and function, the Essence of XIKAR!

The industry received our new accessories with adulation
at the IPCPR Convention, and we look forward to getting them into your hands. This newsletter will introduce you to some of the new XIKAR innovations, and we will continue to feature a new product every month through the end of the year. 

 I want to thank you all for your loyalty to XIKAR as we progress with our commitment to revolutionary product development. I am certain that you will be impressed not only with the new releases, but the future introduction of creative concepts as XIKAR continues to serve you... for life!


Kurt Van Keppel

June 2014 Newsletter


June 26, 2014

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Kurt's Corner
"That's not XIKAR!"

So say some of the pre-launch reviews of our new lighter,
the Allume mini. It's small, it comes in an array of colors
(beyond black, silver and gunmetal). It's sleek, it's stylish,
it's... sexy!

Here at XIKAR, we take design seriously. We take our 
customers very seriously. And we try not to take ourselves
too seriously. So when the marketplace tells us small
and colorful, we set aside our Dutch austerity (Kurt) and
Austrian tech (Scott), and embrace power in a little flair of
color and precision. Imagine Italian cars and French
fashion combined.

We think you'll be impressed - as they have been in Europe, where initial consumer sales are very strong.  And just wait until you see our upcoming social media campaign - adding in a bit of the Riviera.  We think you'll say, "that's XIKAR! Olė!!"


Kurt Van Keppel

Help Exempt Premium Cigars from FDA Regulations!

Summer 2014
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The Target is no Longer on our Back. It is on our Chest!!


Attention XIKAR Nation!
The Food & Drug Administration is attempting to regulate the premium cigar industry. We only have until July 8th to comment on the FDA's proposed regulations. We encourage everyone who has a passion for the world of cigars to send in your comments and sign the petition to fight these regulations!

Help exempt premium cigars from FDA regulations! Follow the link to access the Cigar Rights of America's Response Page. This page provides sample content that can be used to construct your message to the FDA. We encourage you to use this content as a guide and to make edits so the email is personalized from you.
Once you formulate your message, continue your
fight for the freedom to enjoy premium cigars!


Click here to go to regulations.gov and provide your comments to the FDA!

Click here to sign the petition against FDA Regulation!

It's time to tell the FDA to stay out of our Humidors!
Comment and Sign Today!

We will be sharing these links on the XIKAR social media profiles.
Please help us share this information and spread the call to action!

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